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Thursday, 27 July 2006

The Honourable Stockwell Day, Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Day,

Re: Please, Immediately Withdraw Bill C-21

At the August Caucus Meeting we sincerely ask you to withdraw Bill C-21.

Our Association is extremely disappointed with Bill C-21. While we understand the constraints of a minority government, Bill C-21 is a step in the wrong direction. Under Mr. Day’s proposal firearms ownership is still illegal. Deleting registration of firearms but continuing to require licensing of owners will just sink Canada further into the quagmire of ineffective, useless, unjust laws.

Conservatives should not be attempting to improve the Liberal’s disgraceful boondoggle. “Logical and effective” are to be the guidelines in all your firearms legislation. Bill C-21 totally fails this basic test.

The reason our members have worked so long and so hard to help elect the Conservatives is to protect our Right to own firearms in a responsible manner, free from arbitrary government control.

We ask you to honour the Conservative Party Policy Statement adopted at the CPC March 2005 Convention. We ask that you honour the promises the Conservatives made while in Opposition to repeal the Firearms Act and “return gun laws to the way they were before 1995.”

We want laws that focus on controlling criminals. As Conservative Firearms Critic Garry Breitkreuz said repeatedly over the past twelve years, “Register criminals - not Duck hunters.”

Mr. Day, repeal the entire Firearms Act. Replace it with effective, efficient legislation. Replace the Firearms Act with the Firearms Prohibition Registry.


Edward B. Hudson, DVM, MS
Enclosure: Conservative Party of Canada Policy Statement with Questions
CC: The Right Honourable Stephen Harper Gary Breitkreuz, MP

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