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After Action Report:
CUFOA Discussion with Garry Breitkreuz, MP
26 February 2007

This past weekend Garry Breitkreuz spoke to the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation Convention in Yorkton, Saskatchewan.
Two weeks ago we contacted Mr. Breitkreuz to arrange an appointment to discuss Bill C-21 after his public address.

Mr. Breitkreuz' presentation was very similar to what he reported in his letter of 15 December 2006 in which he summarized his previous presentation to the CSSA in Toronto on 25 November 2006, i.e.,

"After Dawson College very difficult times, thanks for the support, I have decided to run for re-election, I continue to call for effective firearms laws, Stephen Harper made a commitment to repeal Bill C-68, we have the CPC Policy to fall back upon,
Stephen Harper is a proponent of property rights, my personal pledge to decriminalize simple possession of firearms, working behind the scenes on 12(6) handguns, need factually based evidence."

Then Mr. Breitkreuz moved on to discuss his Outdoor Caucus.

After Mr. Breitkreuz spoke, Greg Illerbrun, SWF Firearms Advisor, presented his Firearms Report and then introduced SGT Murray Grismer of the Saskatoon Police Services, who serves on Minister Stockwell Day's Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee.

SGT Grismer discussed the EKOS survey which he said Mr. Day's bureaucrats had prepared for the CFAC "before they arrived in Ottawa, but the results of the survey were very supportive of our position."

After these presentations we had the opportunity to discuss these topics in more detail with SGT Grismer.

SGT Grismer said that "licensing will remain a necessary part of owning a firearm." Therefore when when he said that the EKOS survey supported "our position," SGT Grismer meant the results supported lifetime licensing.

Before the evening banquet we asked Mr. Breitkreuz about SGT Grismer's prophesy about Minister Day's proposal for licensing, and if we still any Conservative MP who believed in the Right to own firearms.

Mr. Breitkreuz replied, " I am committed to repeal the of Bill C-68, but Mr. Harper does not object to licensing. I have the support of some MPs, but Quebec does not like firearms."

We concluded by discussing the logic of the Firearms Prohibition Registry rather than tracking responsible citizens.

In summary, Mr. Breitkreuz's comments were NOT want I wanted to hear, but I think they were at least honest. The CPC is obviously very divided in support of the Right to own firearms. We have some friends, but we cannot count on Mr. Harper.

Therefore, if we plan to work for the CPC in the next election, we need to ensure our chosen candidate understands exactly why we are supporting him/her.

We need to explain very clearly what we will accept, i.e. the FPR or a 1977 FAC, but never a license.


Edward. B. Hudson DVM, MS
Canadian Unregisterd Firearms Owners Association