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Monday, 23 February 2015

Mr. Robert Sopuck, CPC, MP Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette 
House of Commons                                                    Unit 4C - 1450 Main Street South
Ottawa,                                                                      Dauphin,
Ontario          K1A 0A6                                            Manitoba       R7N 3H4

Dear Mr. Sopuck,

Last Saturday at the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation in Weyburn, you began your presentation by noting that you are the Chairperson of the Out-Door Caucus that is dedicated to "protecting and defending our Canadian way of life." I was hopeful that we might at last see some sanity being brought to bear on the unjust firearms laws.

Unfortunately, you then praised Mr. Harper's Bill C-42, Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act.(1) You declared under this law gun owners will have "only one licence" that will "simplify and clarify the firearms licensing regime for individuals."

I find your endorsement of the licensing scheme of the Liberal's 1995 Firearms Act (Bill C-68) incomprehensible. Can you truly be unaware of Mr. Harper's pledge to responsible firearms owners to repeal the Firearms Act?(2) Are you not aware of the Conservative Party of Canada Policy that promises to respect the "rights of responsible firearms owners to possess firearms"?(3) How can you speak of "protecting our Canadian way of life" and not understand that Professor Gary Mauser says licencing will kill us?(4)

I think that you do understand all these points, but winning the next election is more important to the Conservatives than producing a sound, logical firearms policy. Therefore, I repeat what I said to you on Saturday:

In open, peaceful, civil non-compliance to the unjust licencing law, I openly, publically declare to you that I own a firearm for self-protection. I intentionally do not have a licence to possess this firearm.

I challenge you to have me arrested for this illegal act.

Mr. Sopuck, you cannot legitimately claim to want to protect our Canadian way of life while supporting a government policy that destroys the most basic Right that a person can possess: the Right to armed self-protection. I would greatly appreciate your personal attention to this matter.



Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

1. Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act, Bill C-42

2. Mr. Harper’s Promise to Repeal Bill C-68

3. The Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declaration

4. Dr. Gary Mauser, Boiling Frogs – and Gun Owners

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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