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Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Honourable Steven Blaney
Minister of Public Safety
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Blaney,

Re: Our Challenge to an Unjust Law, the Firearms Act

Congratulations on your new appointment as Minister of Public Safety. As we work for the repeal the unjust Firearms Act, I trust you will be more open to the real issue of public safety than was your predecessor.

Sadly Mr. Harper deplorably used Minister Toews. In his attempt to negate all the promises that Garry Breitkreuz made to responsible firearms owners while the Conservatives were in Opposition, Mr. Toews made statements that are demonstrably untrue.(1) I realize you do not share some of that ‘ancient’ political history with Mr. Breitkreuz, but Mr. Breitkreuz’s seventeen year influence on the Conservative Party is directly reflected in the Conservative Party Policy that promises to respect “the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.”(2). Regrettably, Mr. Harper has chosen to ignore that Policy. Mr. Harper now inexplicably endorses the Liberals’ 1995 Firearms Act and its attendant changes to the Criminal Code that make the mere possession of firearm illegal.

I would like to call to your attention what your Conservative Party Caucus colleague Garry Breitkreuz said about this perfidious law while he served as Conservative Party Firearms Critic. Mr. Breitkreuz stated, “Over the last eight years, I have provided documented proof:”
• Proof that the government broke their promises about what Bill C-68 (the Firearms Act) would cost;
• Proof that responsible gun owners don’t represent a threat to public safety;
• Proof that criminals are the real problem – not law-abiding gun owners;
• Proof that gun laws are being used to violate fundamental rights of honest citizens;
• Proof that normally honest people are openly defying the Criminal Code of Canada;
• Proof that Bill C-68 has resulted in a breakdown in trust between the citizens and police;

Mr. Breitkreuz then concluded:

On the basis of this evidence I hereby declare that Bill C-68, a Firearms Fiasco of titanic proportions, will undoubtedly suffer the same fate as the Titanic.”(3)

Because of Mr. Harper’s betrayal of responsible Canadian firearms owners, we have once again adopted active, open, peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience to this mendacious law. We publically, openly declare we possess our firearms without a licence.(4)

Therefore, I ask that you direct the Saskatoon RCMP to charge me for my illegal action.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt, positive consideration.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS


(1) Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper
(2) Affidavit of Unlicenced Firearms Possession
(3) Photograph of myself in unlicenced firearms possession

CC: Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Senators and Members of Parliament from Saskatchewan


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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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