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I Will Not be Voting Again


My reply to your question (below), "The alternative would be?"


I will not be voting again as I have not voted in the last two federal elections. I am not attracted to evil despite where it places on any scale. I vote according to actions not promises. I had suggested three elections ago we judge the Conservatives on their actions. Mr. Harper's government's actions have proven them to be less than trustworthy. You are telling us why you are voting for the Cons when you resent being told which way to vote, but this forum is filled with contradictions so what's one more.


Not voting is my alternative.


Here's a question for you. Do you expect the Cons to never lose another election?


The Cons have been in a majority position for a number of years giving them ample opportunity to get rid of the Firearms Act and its related Criminal Code provisions. If they had gotten rid of it we would have less to be concerned with when the Cons (who you appear to expect to be in power forever) are defeated (which they will be at some point).


Right now we have Quebec attempting to maintain a registry, the NDP musing about a return of a registry and a national registry that we know has been retained, not in law, but in reality. At the same time absolutely nothing has changed for those like myself that refuse to accept the Cons continued licensing criminalization. For us they are all equal on the evil scale. I am not interested in getting crushed in the stampede to the middle.


If getting rid of the Firearms Act resulted in the Cons losing the next election it would be a price worth paying. All of us should have accepted that from the start instead of working at cross-purposes. If their only goal is re-election they have totally lost sight of principle.


Allowing politicians to lose sight of principle enables evil. We need more voters with the courage to break this endless cycle.


Al Muir

19 March 2015


Date: 18 March 2015

Subject: Re: Harper powered by grassroots


I'm just wondering, if we are not to vote conservative which would leave us either the Liberals the NDP or the Green party to vote for, all of which would wipe out our gun rights with the snap of the finger. The alternative would be?  As for me I'm going to vote for the lesser of all the evils which unfortunately is the Harper government and I resent being told which way to vote by the way.