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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Justin Trudeau, MP, Leader of the Liberal Party
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Re: It is time Liberals took back Liberty

I appreciate the very informative speech that you gave at the McGill Institute in Toronto on Monday evening 09 March 2015. You declared that for you, "one of the most important core values is liberty." You went on to say:

"Specifically, I believe that one of the highest aims of Canadian political leadership is to protect and expand freedom for Canadians."(1)

While your speech emphasized the importance of individual rights, unfortunately when in government, the Liberal Party has not always followed the principle of protecting individual freedoms. In 1995 Prime Minister Jean Chrétien used the Firearms Act to destroy the most important Liberty that a person can possess, the Right to armed self-defense. Section 117 of that law presumes to give the Governor in Council the authority to make regulations:

(a) regarding the issuance of licenses ... prescribing the circumstances in which persons are or are not eligible to hold licences; ...

(c) prescribing the circumstances in which an individual does or does not need firearms
to protect the life of that individual, ... .(2)

Under this unjust law, a responsible Canadian citizen is forced to seek the permission of the federal Government to have the means to defend themselves and their family in their own home.

That requirement defies common sense.

The sixteenth century Spanish philosopher Francisco Suarez considered the right of self-defense:

"the 'greatest of rights,' a natural inalienable right that inhered in individuals and communities, a right that could be exercised so that a private individual ... could kill in self defense."(3)

In life and death situations, Suarez maintained that the individual acted with the tacit authorization of the state and of God, who gave everyone the power to defend himself and any innocent person.

By taking away our Right to armed self-defense the Liberals did not make Canadians safer. Dr. Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University has conclusively shown:

"There is no convincing empirical evidence that gun laws are effective in reducing homicide ... and international studies have actually found that murder rates are higher in countries with more stringent firearms laws."(4)

Mr. Trudeau, you properly criticize the Conservatives for trying to dictate "in law" what women "can and cannot wear." You also correctly note that Canadian liberty "compels us to resist the urge to impose our personal beliefs upon our fellow citizens." You then succinctly ask the pertinent question:

"Whatever happened to a free society’s requirement that we can disagree with a person’s choices, but must defend their right to make them?"(1)

Therefore, on this matter of armed self-defense, I respectfully ask you to commit yourself and the Liberal Party of Canada to repealing the Firearms Act.

I look forward to the honour of you reply.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

1. For the record: Justin Trudeau on liberty and the niqab, The text of Justin Trudeau’s controversial speech

2. The Firearms Act, chapter 39, Statues of Canada - 1995; p. 54

3. Brian Tierney, The Idea of Natural Rights, William B. Eerdmans Publishing, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2001, p.314

4. Gary Mauser, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Why Stricter Gun Control Wouldn't Make Us Safer, THE MARK. 20 January 2011

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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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