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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mr. Garry Breitkreuz, MP, CPC, Yorkton-Melville
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A6

Dear Mr. Breitkreuz,

Your epic seventeen-year battle to repeal “Canada’s Gun Registry” was well recounted by Frank Miniter’s article in Forbes last month. You have indeed been an invaluable inspiration to responsible firearms owners as an inextinguishable source of light in an otherwise very dark, depressing chapter of Canadian Parliamentary history.

In praise of your persistent, herculean efforts against the Liberals’ 1995 Bill C-68, Mr. Miniter points out that that “it is especially rare to see a database of gun-owners repealed.” Unfortunately, as you are aware Mr. Miniter is incorrect in this part of his article. Bill C-19 only affects the data in the ‘long-gun registry’; the worst part of Bill C-68’s Firearms Act is the “database of gun-owners”. This offensive, invasive database is still very much intact. And equally loathsome, sections 91 and 92 are still in the Criminal Code thus making criminals of responsible, honest gun owners who refuse to submit to an unjust federal licencing mandate.

To return sanity to our laws, this registry of responsible gun owners and the Criminal Code sanctions against honest citizens merely possessing a firearm must be repealed.

Yet inexplicably many of your Conservative Caucus colleagues now endorse the Liberals’ licencing mandate of Bill C-68.1

As Dennis Young, your former Parliamentary Assistant reminds us, this battle against unreasonable “gun control” laws began in the winter of 1994 in protest to the imposition of the new invasive questions and unreasonable restrictions “rammed through Parliament by Kim Campbell.”

In March of 1994 when your first faced Liberal Minister of Justice Allan Rock in Parliament you stated:

There are two types of gun owners in Canada, law-abiding citizens and criminals.

And then you asked:

Could the Minister explain how putting more controls on responsible gun owners better protects law-abiding citizens?2

We now ask that same question of Conservative Minister Vic Toews.

Mr. Breitkreuz, with the Conservatives endorsing licencing we face a crisis of confidence in Mr. Harper’s Government. We urgently need you to remind your Conservative colleagues that an unreasonable, unjust law – whether passed by the previous Progressive Conservative or Liberal Government, or endorsed by the current Conservative Government – is still an unjust law. A 1995 quotation from the NFA states the present reality:

Parties are going to have to deliver on their promises, or go the way of (Prime Minister Kim) Campbell's (Progressive) Conservatives.3

To promote safety the Conservatives can do so much better that collecting personal information on every responsible firearms owner in Canada. The membership of CUFOA has overwhelmingly endorsed the creation of a Firearms Prohibition Registry to limit the access of firearms to violent criminals – an idea first voiced by your call to “Register Criminals – NOT Duck Hunters.”4

I trust we can still count on you, Mr. Breitkreuz, in this fight to preserve our unique Canadian culture of responsible firearms ownership. Now more than ever we need your help in enlightening your fellow Conservative Caucus members. This Government must protect the most vital piece of personal property a citizen can own. This Government must honour the CPC Policy to respect “the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.”5


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

CC: The Right Honourable Mr. Harper, Ministers, and CPC MPs

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