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Why I Support an NDP-Liberal Coalition Government

As a responsible Canadian firearms owner I would like to see an NDP-Liberal Coalition Government after the October 2015 federal election.

Why, I am asked, would I desire such an outlandishly stupid result?

            1. Do I not know that a Liberal Government under Justin Trudeau would bring back the gun registry?

            2. Do I not understand that the NPD with Thomas Mulcair supports the gun registry?

            3. Do I not realize that Mr. Harper is our only friend?

So how could a NDP-Liberal Coalition be of any possible benefit to responsible Canadian firearms owners?

The answer lies in the truth of the above three questions.

            1. True
The Liberals are sworn enemies of responsible firearms owners.

            2. True
The NDP fervently dislikes firearms ownership.

            3. NOT True
Mr. Harper is NOT a friend of responsible gun owners.

The Conservative Party Policy declares that Conservative Government will respect;

             "the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly."(1)

Yet just three weeks ago Mr. Harper said that owning a firearm in Canada is NOT a Right. On national TV Mr. Harper declared:

            "In the US gun ownership is a Right.
            Gun ownership in Canada is a responsibility. ...
            We've got rid of the ... long-gun registry because we already register gun owners anyway … ."(2)

Mr. Harper ignores the clear language of the Conservative Party Policy. Mr. Harper negates our Right to own firearms into a mere privilege - "a responsibility."

The Conservative Party is our friend, but Mr. Harper in not. Stephen Harper is our enemy just as much as Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair.

But why do we need an NDP-Liberal Coalition?

We need to get rid of Stephen Harper as Leader of the Conservative Party. And the only way we can do that is after Mr. Harper loses an election.

Therefore I suggest we support an NDP-Liberal Coalition until we can get rid of Stephen Harper. Then we work to elect a Leader who will honour the CPC Policy.



Edward B. Hudson
03 April 2015


1. The Conservatives’ Promises to Firearms Owners

2. Stephen Harper defends 'moderate' Canadian gun control policy, 18 March 2015