Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Letters to the Prime Minister
& other Federal Ministers

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Dear Mr. Harper,

Re: Protection of our Rights and Freedoms

On behalf of the members of the Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association I would like to congratulate you and the members of the Conservative Party of Canada on an extremely well run political campaign. It was an honour and a pleasure to work with such dedicated candidates to restore integrity to our federal government.

The successes of you and your party are an inspiration to those of us who have been fighting to protect our Rights and Freedoms from violation by the unjust federal firearms laws.

We look forward with anticipation to the repeal of the Firearms Act and the ultimate fulfillment of Conservative Firearms Critic Mr. Garry Breitkreuz’ promise to subject all federal firearms laws “to a public safety test administered by the Auditor General of Canada.”

This removal of all the ineffective “gun control” laws which are not cost effective in reducing the criminal use of firearms would restore our faith in the federal government’s commitment to improving public safety while respecting the Right of Canadian citizens to acquire, own, and possess firearms for self-protection.

We assure you of our continued encouragement and support as you begin to implement the programs of reforms which we so desperately need. More than simply offering our best wishes for your continued success, we stand ready to assist you in any manner possible as we move forward towards a responsible, effective government that respects the Rights and Freedoms of all Canadians.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

CC: Conservative Party Members of Parliament

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