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Saskatchewan Minister's Double Standard on Rights

By Joe Gingrich,
The StarPhoenix
27 November 2009

Re: MLAs snipe over criminal record checks (SP, Nov. 19). I agree with Justice Minister Don Morgan that Energy Minister Bill Boyd, like every Canadian, is entitled to a presumption of innocence.

We just don't have enough of this line of reasoning.

To steal a quote, "presumption of innocence" are the most sublime words in English. They also are a charter right.

Morgan quickly unveils this charter right to support his colleague, as he should. But where is the support from Morgan and his Saskatchewan Party government for this charter right when it comes too "offending" legislation, such as the provincial Seizure of Criminal Property Act?

The act allows the seizure of goods that authorities suspect were ill-gotten. Police in Saskatchewan merely need to believe that a person possesses proceeds of crime, such as cash, homes and other property, before they can seize the property.

Morgan also accepts the licensing requirements of the Firearms Act of 1995. This unjust legislation forces innocent firearms owners not only to endure police background checks but many intrusive questions in addition to forfeiting several rights such as the right to be protected against unreasonable search and seizure, to privacy, to access counsel upon arrest or detention, to freedom of expression, to equality, and of course, the right to a presumption of innocence.

Morgan quickly loses consistency to the application of the presumption of innocence when he treats Minister Boyd so fairly, but others so unfairly.

Joe Gingrich


Poster's Comments:

Dr. Gingrich, a retired dentist, is a former member of the Saskatchewan Party, Saskatchewan Rivers Constituency Association.
Gingrich was instrumental in assisting in the election of Nadine Wilson, MLA, Saskatchewan Rivers, in that he invited Ms. Wilson to the local gun club for a skeet shooting contest when she was seeking the Sask Party nomination.
Gingrich serves as a member of the Montague Defense Management Team and has seen the destructive effects of Ontario's Seizure of Criminal Property Act which the Crown prosecutor has used to impound Bruce & Donna's home, preventing their using a property loan to fund their constitutional challenge.

Ed. Hudson