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Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Honourable Brad Wall, Leader,
The Saskatchewan Party
324 McDonald Street
Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 6P6

233 Central Avenue N
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, S9H 0L3

VIA eMail and Canada Post

Dear Mr. Wall,

Re: Saskatchewan Party Policy JS10-1. Amending The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code, Part 1, Bill of Rights:

Be it resolved that a Saskatchewan Party Government shall amend the current Saskatchewan Human Rights Code to enshrine the individual’s Right to own property.

I sincerely regret that I have to write this letter to you as Leader of the Saskatchewan Party. Unfortunately the standard means of addressing this issue have failed.

Our Saskatoon-Meewasin Constituency is very concerned that after two years the Government of Saskatchewan still has not implemented Saskatchewan Party Policy JS10-1 “to enshrine the individual’s Right to own property”.

We have previously expressed our concerns to the former Minister of Justice to no avail. And we expressed these concerns to our new Minister of Justice in a letter dated 15 June 2012 (letter enclosed). Regrettably, we have not received a reply.

As we noted in our letter the Minister, Saskatchewan Party President Gary Meschishnick has stated that the Saskatoon-Southeast Constituency will “be bringing forth a Resolution at our next convention to amend this resolution.”

We find both this long delay, and this recent development, completely unacceptable, and furthermore, unconstitutional.

I am embarrassed to be calling your attention to Article 8 of the Saskatchewan Party Constitution that states:

The Membership of the Party shall be the highest authority and supreme governing body of The Saskatchewan Party.

And further Article 5 (b) states:

Executive Council shall abide by the principles and implement the policies and objectives of the Party … subject always to resolutions of the Party Convention and to this Constitution.

I thereby call upon you as Leader of the Saskatchewan Party to fulfill your duly sworn duty to “abide by the principles and implement” this Policy of the Party at the earliest possible time.

I thank you for your consideration and look forward to your reply.


Edward B. Hudson, DVM, MS
Saskatoon-Meewasin Constituency, Saskatchewan Party

Letter dated 15 June 2012, please see:

CC: Gordon Wyant, Minister of Justice; Roger Parent, MLA; Gary Meschishnick;
Saskatoon-Meewasin Constituency Executive

402 Skeena Court
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 4H2
(306) 242-2379