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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Letters to Provincial Premiers
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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Hon. Brad Wall, Premier
233 Central Avenue North
Swift Current, SK S9H 0L3

Dear Mr. Wall,

Re: Protecting our Rights and Freedoms

We would like the Government of Saskatchewan to become actively involved in protecting the Rights and Freedoms of Saskatchewan's citizens. We met with the Minister of Justice, Don Morgan, and Ms. Nadine Wilson, MLA, Saskatchewan Rivers, last Monday, 09 June, and made two requests.

We asked that the Government become an active participant in a Constitutional challenge to the validity of the Firearms Act. We also requested the Government to enact a Saskatchewan Bill of Rights which would enshrine individual property rights and the individual right to arms for defense as fundamental Saskatchewan values.

Mr. Morgan agreed to present our request to Caucus for your advice and consent.

For over five years we have been fighting in court to protect our individual Right of armed self-defense, and we have now reached the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal. While we believe that our legal arguments are sound, we would like to see the Government of Saskatchewan in Court as a supportive intervenor to ensure that our Rights and Freedoms are adequately defended. And we would like a Saskatchewan Bill of Rights to help ensure that this type of litigation can be averted in the future.

I have attached a copy of our proposal for your consideration. I have also include some additional background information which helps to clarify some of the issues involved in the Constitutional court challenge.

These two issues are of vital importance, not just to hunters and shooters, but to every citizen of Saskatchewan who values liberty and freedom. We would very much appreciate your thoughtful consideration and support of our proposals.

Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

Encl.: A/S

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
402 Skeena Crt Saskatoon
Saskatchewan S7K 4H2
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Firearms Licensing & Registration

In 1995 the federal government passed the Firearms Act, which mandated two important, very significant actions:

First, while handguns have been registered since 1934,
henceforth, EVERY firearm in Canada would have to be registered -
every shotgun, every rifle, every 22 - even if only used on the farm to shoot gophers.

Secondly, and more ominously,
Every firearms OWNER would have to obtain a firearms licence.

Many people gets these two separate 'licensing' and 'registration' requirements confused.
The confusion seems to arise because a person cannot legally own a firearm with having BOTH pieces of paper

Registration applies to the gun -
the make, model, serial number and registration number of the firearm.

Licensing applies to the person -
the name, address, and licence number of the person.

While many people intuitively reacted negatively to registration
(Registration leads to Confiscation),
our organization is primarily opposed to licensing.

Armed self-defense is a Right recognized in our British Constitutional documents.

The federal licensing mandate effectively turns this basic, cultural, historical Right into a mere privilege.

With licensing,
the Federal Government has usurped the power to deny to anyone, anytime, the "privilege" of owning a firearm.

We are fighting to protect our heritage, culture, and our most basic, fundamental Right.

To replace the Firearms Act, CUFOA has suggested a Firearms Prohibition Registry.