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Saturday, 07 April 2007

Mr. Don Morgan, Justice Critic
Legislative Building
Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0B3

Dear Mr. Morgan,

Re: Property, Civli Rights, and the Canadian Constitution

Jack Wilson, Joe Gingrich, and I continue to hammer away in the Saskatchewan court system in our attempt to protect the constitutional guaranties to property and civil rights in our possession of “Armes for their Defense”.

However as our battle is now taking us to the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, we are entering territory for which we are poorly equipped as hard rock miner, dentist, and veterinarian.

I have enclosed the case of R. v. Lemieux, 2006 SKCA to demonstrate the legal tar pit into which we have fallen, or rather, been pushed - and left with no provincial assistance. I have also enclosed a copy of my letter to Premier Calvert asking whether he will fulfill his duty to the people of Saskatchewan and if he will intervene in this judicial mess. Based upon past responses from his Minister of Justice Frank Quennell, I am not hopeful of a positive reply.

As slowly as this “justice” process is proceeding, we may still be fighting this court battle after the upcoming provincial election. Therefore Jack, Joe, & I are fully involved in our respective riding campaigns attempting to ensure a change in government.

If the Saskatchewan Party does form the next provincial government, we trust that we will be able to count on Mr. Wall to provide a much more assertive and aggressive enforcement of the Constitutionally mandated Section 92(13) protection of property and civil rights than Mr. Calvert and crew have provided.

As we have recently been terribly betrayed at the federal level by Mr. Harper and the “new” Conservative Government in their repudiation of their promises to firearms owners while in opposition, we have become a bit cynical of the political process. If our hopes and beliefs which we have entrusted in the Saskatchewan Party are in any manner unfounded, unreasonable, or incorrect, we would be most appreciative of any necessary clarification.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

CC: Brad Wall, Leader of the Opposition Roger Parent Nadine Wilson

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