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Friday, 06 April 2007

Premier Lorne Calvert
Legislative Building
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4S 0B3

Dear Mr. Calvert,

Re: Your Constitutional Responsibility to Defend Rights and Freedoms

I certainly enjoyed meeting you last week in Saskatoon during the Juno celebrations at Prairieland Park (please see attached photo). I would like to discuss the item I mentioned during our brief conversation, i.e. the injustice of the Firearms Act.

As the Attorney General of Saskatchewan said in 1995:
Bill C-68 is an ill-conceived piece of legislation which is not supported by Saskatchewan, and which will only serve to penalize the law-abiding responsible gun owners of this country.

The Attorney General’s warning was certainly correct as this unjust Act continues to plague the citizens of our province. Please see the enclosed case of R. v. Lemieux, 2006 SKCA 119.

As in Mr. Lemieux’ case, the RCMP seized and confiscated one of my shotguns. And as with Mr. Lemiuex, the courts of Saskatchewan are now trying to tell me that although I properly raised a Charter issue in my defense I cannot appeal a negative decision from a s. 117.03 destruction hearing. Please see my attached Factum.

Mr. Calvert, Section 92 (13) of the Canadian Constitution very clearly places the responsibility to defend “property and civil rights” in hands of the provincial government. Therefore your Government has a duty to prevent this injustice. As Premier you have a Constitutional duty to get involved in defending the Charter protected Rights and Freedoms of the citizens of Saskatchewan.

I would appreciate knowing whether you intend to shoulder your responsibility.


Edward B. Hudson, DVM, MS

Encl.: (3) as noted

CC: Minister of Justice, Frank Quennell, Brad Wall, Don Morgan

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