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A "must read" article:

Self Defense: Is There a Right to Own a Gun?
Michael Huemer

Professor Huemer has presented a very strong, well reasoned philosophical argument for the Right of armed self -defense.


The Right of Self-Defense

Rights function to guard individuals’ autonomy, that is, their ability to pursue their plans for their own lives,

The main argument on the gun rights side goes like this:

1. The right of self-defense is an important right.

2. A firearms prohibition would be a significant violation of the right of self-defense.

3. Therefore, a firearms prohibition would be a serious rights-violation.

Violations of the right of self-defense are morally comparable to murder (and) serve to show that the right of self-defense must be a very weighty right.

Since gun prohibition is a significant violation of an extremely weighty right, we must conclude that it is a very serious rights-violation.

One cannot claim justified belief that gun prohibition would be overall beneficial.

The Benefits of Guns:

The number of lives saved by guns each year would exceed the number of gun homicides and suicides.

John Lott’s study strongly corroborates the theory that:
increased availability of guns to the general public results in decreased violent crime.

There is no case for overriding ... self-defense rights.

All mentally competent, noncriminal adults should therefore be allowed to own firearms.

The fewer impediments or costs are placed in the way of their doing so, the better, since any such impediments can be expected to decrease the rate at which victims defend themselves.

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The list of references is extensive and valuable.

Michael Huemer (PhD, Rutgers, 1998) teaches epistemology, ethics, and metaethics at University of Colorado-Boulder.