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Bruce & Donna Montague's
Constitutional Challenge

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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Honourable Chris Bentley, Attorney General
Ministry of the Attorney General
McMurtry-Scott Building
720 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M7A 2S9

Dear Mr. Bentley,

Re: Please Stop the Seizure of Bruce and Donna Montague’s Home

I am appalled that the provincial Government of Ontario is using the Civil Remedies Act to seek a court order against the home of Bruce and Donna Montague.

Having been directly involved with securing bail for Bruce immediately after his arrest on 11 September 2004 in Dryden, I am well aware that the Government of Ontario is extremely displeased with the actions of Bruce and Donna. But I believe using the Civil Remedies Act against this couple brings the “administration of justice into disrepute”.

The Montagues are not the sociopaths some would have us believe; they are responsible, loving parents, and hard working citizens. Bruce and Donna, like many thousands of responsible firearms owners in Canada, encountered a law that they sincerely believe to be unjust, and they very intentionally and very conspicuously proclaimed their refusal to submit to its demands. Bruce and Donna joined the Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association (CUFOA) at its conception and together we used open, honest, peaceful, non-violent civil non-compliance to oppose the licencing mandate of the Canadian Firearms Act.

Bruce and Donna were an integral, supportive part of our CUFOA activity. On our cross-country demonstrations we were welcomed in their home for meals, lodging, and discussions. In December 2002 Bruce guided us through northern Ontario to Ottawa where Bruce publically posted CUFOA’s grievances on Parliament Hill on New Year’s Day 2003. In the summer of 2003 on CUFOA’s Sea-to-Sea Liberty Rally Bruce was again a significant part of our demonstrations as we presented affidavits directly to each provincial Attorney-General that we possessed our rifles and shotguns without a federal licence. At the Ontario Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park in Toronto on 11 July 2003 Bruce presented our affidavits directly to the Ontario Attorney General’s office. And in May 2004 Bruce and Donna openly participated in CUFOA’s May Day Firearms Seminar in Saskatoon, with Bruce speaking on the gun control laws of the United Kingdom.

We are all well aware, and all understood, that we would be subject to severe legal sanctions for our part in CUFOA’s peaceful, non-violent civil non-compliance to the licencing mandate of the Firearms Act. Bruce is now ‘paying the price’ at the Thunder Bay Correctional Centre. We, however, regard the Ontario Government’s legal assault on the Montague’s home as a complete perversion of justice.

If Bruce and Donna have benefitted from the “proceeds of unlawful activity”, the OPP should have arrested several of us CUFOA members when we were in Toronto for the Montague’s appeal, for we all have benefited from the Montague’s hospitality.

The Government of Ontario has punished Bruce and Donna sufficiently. Any further legal action against them will debase what little remaining respect we have for our so-called justice system and will only strengthen our resolve to fight harder for our Rights and Freedoms.

In closing my appeal to you, I would like to quote what former Harvard professor John Rawls said about civil disobedience during the protest to the military draft during the United States’ war in Viet Nam:

Civil disobedience arises only within more or less democratic states for those citizens who recognize and accept the legitimacy of the constitution. At what point does the duty to comply with the laws enacted by a legislative majority cease to be binding in view of the right to defend one’s liberties and the duty to oppose injustice? This question involves the nature and limits of majority rule. For this reason the problem of civil disobedience is a crucial test for any theory of the moral basis of democracy.1

I earnestly pray that Ontario and Canada pass the test.

I appeal to your sense of honour to treat Bruce and Donna with the respect they deserve; please trouble them no further in their home.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

1. John Rawls, A Theory of Justice, Belknap Press Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1971,
p. 363

CC:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper,
        Premier Dalton McGuinty Premier Brad Wall
        Members of Parliament and MLA’s

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