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Newsletter of Bruce & Donna Montague

Sunday, 12 December 2010
Dryden, Ontario

Dear Supporters:

Christmas will be here soon. This just doesn't feel like Christmas to me. I feel like I'm rattling around in this empty house, forgetting things I should not be forgetting ... . It just isn't a home by myself. Hopefully that will change in 10 more sleeps when Katey comes home. Then on Boxing Day Steven and Heather will be coming home. Unfortunately Michael is unable to be home for Christmas. Pastors just don't get this holiday off for some reason.

While I feel lost .... I think of Bruce. At least I have my freedom. I'd definitely pick my burden over his. I think it would be very helpful if you were to send him a Christmas card (something plain – no stickers/glitter/or glue). This would remind him that people are aware of where he is and that he is in people's prayers. I think Christmas Day is going to be a very sad day in the jail. A card would help lift his spirits.

Bruce's earliest parole date is Jan 3rd. I have no idea when the Parole hearing will be but I am praying no later than the first week in January. Michael has made arrangements to come home for a week as soon as his dad comes home.

The Attorney Generals' action to take our home is proceeding. Apparently there is a “Percentage of Probabilities” clause in the Proceeds of Crime Act.

The Attorney General's office has expanded the claim on our home to include the property that was seized in the two searches of our home in September 2004. So we have to go to criminal court and fight to get our property back and then a lien the Attorney General has placed on these goods will take affect and retain these items until the civil trial where they will try to take our home and our assets. This is insane.

By the way the criminal forfeiture trial is scheduled for May - Thursday and Friday before the long weekend and then Tuesday and Wednesday after the long weekend.

Please help out with Bruce's dwindling defense fund. The outstanding constitutional issue we are fighting is whether the government can take all your property after you're convicted of peaceful firearms-related offenses.

MPP Randy Hillier wrote a letter to Atttorney General Chris Bentley - please read it at

Life has been a roller coaster.... Please send Bruce a Christmas Card.


Pleas send cards to:

Bruce Montague
c/o T-Bay Correctional Center
Hwy 61s Box 1900
Thunder Bay, Ontario P9C 4Y4

For contributions please see: