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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Bruce & Donna Montague's
Constitutional Challenge

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Join the Court Challenge Rally for Bruce & Donna

Dear Supporters,

It's very clear for all to see that we do indeed have a right to own firearms for self-defence in Canada (see "The Origins of a Right" on our website for a more detailed explanation of this principle - ).

In February we get to present our case to the Appeals Court of Ontario to demand that the government strike down laws that contradict our rights. We intend to re-affirm this ancient right of all Canadians as guaranteed by our constitution. This is a significant and viable part of our constitution and it deserves protecting.

I urge you all to help spread the word about this momentous legal challenge to Bill C-68 (Firearms Act) throughout the firearms community and beyond. The Appeals Court must be convinced that this is an issue of major concern to Canadians. Therefore, show up for this historic occasion and bring your friends as well.

The Rally will start at 8:30 a.m.
The hearing is scheduled for:
10:30 a.m. Thursday
18 February 2010
30 Queen Street West

Check this page for a map and confirmation of details prior to attending:

Please put this message out to your friends, shooting clubs and bulletin boards. We need to make as many people aware of this as possible. With a strong showing, we'll be sending a message to the courts and the media that this is a serious issue of historic, national importance.

On a more personal note, be sure to hang around after the hearing so that our case management team, my daughter (Katey's Firearms Facts), and my wife Donna and I can get a chance to meet and talk with you.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at the hearing.

Yours in Liberty, Bruce.
11 January 2010

A ruler is legitimate only in so far as he upholds the law.
A ruler that violates the law is illegitimate. He has no right to be obeyed;
his commands are mere force and coercion. Rulers who act lawlessly,
whose laws are unlawful, are mere criminals."
- John Locke -famous English philosopher at the time the English Bill of Rights was written.

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