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Bruce & Donna Montague's
Constitutional Challenge

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Letter from Prison

November 6, 2010

Dear Supporters,

It’s been almost two months since the Supreme Court of Canada turned
down our appeal. I’ve been sitting in prison since then and adapting
to my new lifestyle. Actually, now that I’ve accepted my fate in
prison, I’ve been handling it pretty well for the most part. The
hardest part about being in prison is that ironically it’s my family
and friends that are suffering the most! Everything (almost) is
provided for me in here but all the things I used to provide for my
wife, kids, and community are now missing.

As I mentioned, in my last letter, our constitutional challenge is
over and we lost. There is nothing left we can do. I tried my best
as did the rest of our volunteer team that put in countless hours and
money into this effort. I’m only sorry we couldn’t have done better.

I guess there is some minor good news about our constitutional
challenge and that is the fact that we didn’t make it to the Supreme
Court of Canada (SCC). That means there is still a faint hope that
someone can still challenge the law with the hope of being heard at
the SCC and winning. This person will definitely not be me. For one
thing, I’m not good enough to accomplish this task and I’m also
exhausted and “used up.”

In closing I would like to thank all of you that have written letters
of support to Donna and myself. We’ve gotten hundreds of them, and I
love reading every one of them. I’m sorry I can’t write back, but I’m
only allowed to send two letters a week and I need these for dealing
my continuing legal fight to retain our property.

Yours in Prison,


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CASE COMMENTARY: As Bruce implies, it appears that the judiciary had
already determined to "dismiss" ancient constitutional law and
principles of fundamental justice before the Montague firearms
challenge began. Therefore a ruling from the SCC would likely have
further solidified the government's war against private firearms
ownership in Canada. That being observed, the full value of the
Montague firearms challenge may not be realized in our time. It has
been an exercise pursuing the idealism of a bygone era of legal and
judicial principles. It has proved the point of those who warned us
that Bill C-68 was not about public safety, but all about eliminating
firearms ownership by prohibitions, confiscation, and harsh criminal
penalties for paperwork violations. It has proved the point of those
who warned that judges no longer uphold the constitution, safeguarding
citizens against tyrannical laws. Instead judges interpret the law
according to their enlightened vision of how the New Canada should
look. Good-bye to fundamental principles of justice, such as innocent
until proven guilty. Good-bye to the individual right to defend life
and property. Good-bye to the right to own property, and to not be
deprived thereof except according to principles of fundamental
justice. Good-bye to a fair and impartial court system. Remembrance
day just passed. Bruce and Donna did what they believed was their
duty to defend all Canadians against bad laws -- laws that remove
individual rights and freedoms while enabling the actions and
objectives of a police-state. At this time each of us might ask
ourselves, do our actions and commitments show that we value the
freedoms our fathers fought terrible wars to preserve? - Ryan for the
Case Management Team

JURY NULLIFICATION: Dr. Joe Gingrich explains why the jury may be our
last hope to fight bad firearms laws.

Remember Bruce and Donna are still facing the confiscation of their
home and life savings.

If you can donate to the their ongoing legal defense needs please do
so today:

Write to voice your opposition to the Civil Home Forfeiture: