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A Cancer of the Soul

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Emotion Evoking Catch Phrases Short on Facts

“The bigger picture is that Canada is in the U.S. shadow and our government is an imitator of right-wing American stuff. There, the U.S. constitution, which has been the leading light for democracy in the world for 250 years, is now displayed as a rag that encourages gun-crazed madmen to kill children.”
- Ralph Surette*

Letter sent to the Herald

Dear Editor,

Ralph Surette's anti-gun piece was as long on emotion evoking catch phrases as it was short on facts. Canadian gun shows he contends, while offering no evidence, are 'conduits for rogue guns'. But how could he offer evidence, for there is none. He objects not only to the Conservatives killing the registry but to their getting rid of the data. He does not explain how the two differ because they do not, the data was the registry. He rails against the 'secretive' Firearms Advisory Committee even when he should know all such government bodies are required to maintain secrecy. He failed to mention that this same "secretive" Firearms Advisory Committee under the Liberals was made up of anti-gun individuals. Space does not permit outlining just how stock full of anti-gun spin doctoring Mr. Surette’s article was.

His creativity aside, the thing that sticks out is his, at this point, aversion to any firearm that is not an 'ordinary' hunting rifle or shotgun. Forget 'assault weapons'. He appears not to object to 'ordinary' firearms but as most Canadian gun owners know 'ordinary' now will not necessarily be 'ordinary' later. For example an 'ordinary' lever action firearm is much quicker than an 'ordinary' bolt action. The remaining portions of the formerly Liberal - but now the Conservatives’ Firearms Act - still contains all that is required to change all the 'ordinary' into the 'banned' without enacting any further laws. Perhaps Mr. Surette’s agitation is due to the fact that Americans will not accept the same fate.

Al Muir
Plymouth, Nova Scotia
31 December 2012

*SURETTE: Time to rattle the Harper Conservatives over guns