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Letter to the Editor

Possession of a firearm is a crime in Canada

Dear Editor:

Thanks for today's editorial (When reason misfires, Feb 28).

I would like to clarify that possession of a firearm is a crime in Canada and has been since the Liberal’s Bill C-68 (the Firearms Act) came into force in 1998. Sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code make possession of a firearm without a license a serious crime punishable for up to five years in jail for violating Section 91 and up to ten years in jail for violating Section 92.

The federal government had to make possession of a firearm a crime (albeit a made-in-Ottawa paper one) to allow them to intrude into the exclusive powers of the provinces to regulate property and civil rights. The Government of Alberta fought this federal abuse of the feds criminal law powers into their exclusive jurisdiction all the way to the Supreme Court and lost.

Millions of honest firearms owners are now criminals simply because they never bothered to apply for a license. They did so because they rightfully feared the federal government would confiscate their legally acquired property even though they had broken no laws, made no threats towards anyone, had formed no criminal intent and had stored and used their guns safely for decades. At last count, another 337,993 firearms owners have failed to renew their licenses and became instant criminals the day their licenses expired.

Scrapping the long-gun registry was the just the first step towards fixing all that is wrong with Canada's costly, useless gun control regime and restoring the rights and freedoms that we all lost with the enactment of the federal Firearms Act.


Dennis R. Young

{Mr. Young is the former Parliamentary Assistant to Garry Breitkreuz, MP, CPC}

FEBRUARY 28, 2012

Editorial: When reason misfires

Talk about being way off target. Authorities have some explaining to do over the arrest of a Kitchener, Ont., father based on a drawing by his four-year-old daughter of what turned out to be a toy gun. Incredulously, the school board, police and child welfare officials all say proper procedures were followed. If this is true, it's time to get better ones.

Jessie Sansone showed up at school last week to pick up his four children, as he does every day, but this time, three police officers were waiting for him. They handcuffed him and took him down to the police station, where he was strip searched and thrown into a cell. He was told he was being arrested for possession of a firearm. Last we checked, possession of a firearm is not a crime in Canada. What a colossal waste of time and money this travesty of justice is. How can so many "professionals" fire so many blanks when it comes to common sense?

The not-so-funny comedy of errors began when Sansone's four-year-old daughter drew a picture of a gun. The alarmed teacher, instead of calling the parents, brought in Family and Children's Services. They called police, who, without even looking at the picture, concluded a semi-automatic gun was in the house. They also concluded that the four siblings had access to this weapon, and were even pointing it at each other. Thankfully, a light eventually went on in the minds of investigators, and police figured out the weapon they were dealing with was actually a clear plastic toy gun that shoots foam darts.

Officials must take responsibility and new policies are needed to ensure such nonsense never again escalates so wildly out of control.