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Federal Gun Law Hasn't Stopped Crime

July 27, 2011

Many have opposed the Liberals’ gun control law from the beginning and for good reasons. In 1995, the Liberal Party's knee-jerk reaction to the shootings at École Polytechnique de Montréal was nothing more than political posturing, to say the least. With the stroke of a pen and no discussion, whatsoever, licencing grouped twelve million law-abiding Canadian men and women, hunters, competition shooters and even Olympic hopefuls in with criminals, gangs and assorted "bad guys."

There is not one scrap of evidence in all these years that the Firearms Act has solved or stopped one single crime. As a veteran, I know of many of my comrades who, when they left the service, became police officers - and not one of them supports this so-call gun control law. Unfortunately, they are under a gag order from their appointed - not elected - chiefs who dare not oppose it for fear of demotion. To say that guns are a major cause of crime is like saying that a fork and spoon made you obese.

In the last federal election we saw an unprecedented gutting of the Liberals and rightly so. I'd like to think that the millions of responsible gun owners had a bit to do with that. It was a bold statement at the polls; "We have had enough."

As for the CAW supporting this law, I have been a union rep for the past 25 years and I was never asked my opinion and not one of our executive stewards or members were asked either. I know of not a single person where I work who supports this law, so our leaders can’t pretend to speak for the CAW membership.

Lastly, before you or anyone else who wishes to keep any part of this unjust law alive and put pen to paper again, please read More Guns, Less Crime by Dr. John Lott. It is an unbiased, truthful compilation of real, not imagined, statistics on firearm ownership and crime with many interviews done with hardened criminals and how they choose their prey. It's a real eye opener. If you wish, I will be more than happy to buy the book for you.

Just don’t keep your head buried in the sand thinking you know the facts. Scrap the entire thing!

Tom Mayrand
1284 Elm Avenue
Windsor, Ontario N8X 2B5
(519) 915-3282