Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

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We Respect Your Right Not to be Armed

SASKATOON, SK, April 27 /CNW/ - "As individuals engaged in civil disobedience against the 1995 Liberal gun control law (Bill C-68), we respect our fellow citizens' right not to be armed." This is what Mr. Al Muir, spokesperson for the Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners' Association (CUFOA), declared today.

"But," Mr. Muir added, "those of us who want guns for hunting, self-defense or other legitimate purposes demand respect for our right to be armed. Let every peaceful individual make the decision for himself or herself."

Mr. Muir explains that "the actual alternative for peaceful Canadians who want guns, even simply to keep the guns they already own, is submit to an intrusive and gross licensing process, or go to jail. We are treated worse than criminals."

"The real issue," explains Mr. Muir, "is one of individual liberty, including the liberty to exercise one's right of self-defense when the police are not there in time. We need to restore this traditional Canadian liberty."

"None of the major political party addresses this issue, and neither does the Bloc Quebecois who just follows the feds," continues Muir. "All these parties support the 1995 Liberal law, except for the Conservatives who want to make cosmetic adjustments that would change nothing in the intrusive and never-ending licensing requirements.

CUFOA is an association of Canadian gun owners who practice civil disobedience by refusing to obey the 1995 Bill C-68, including its licensing provisions.

For further information:

Al Muir, CUFOA Spokesperson
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
(902) 752-7877
Cell: (902)301-9625

Yvon Dionne
Saint-Damase-de-L'Islet, Québec
(418) 598-3630