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A Cancer of the Soul

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Will responsible firearms owners vote Conservative?

In an E-news bulletin on 23 October 2013 the CSSA-CILA team laments the fact that Mr. Harper's recent Speech from the Throne "lacked any positive indicators for responsible firearms owners."1

Team CSSA-CILA then asks the pertinent question:

"Will responsible firearms owners vote Conservative (in October 2015)?

I would ask the question differently:

"Why would responsible firearms continue to support Mr. Harper's so-called Conservative Government?

Let's review the facts:

1. Mr. Harper has refused to live up to his promise to firearms owners:

"I was and still am in total agreement with the statement made in the House of Commons by former Reform Leader Preston Manning on 13 June 1995:

'Bill C-68, if passed into law will not be a good law. It will be a blight on the legislative record of the government, a law that fails the three great tests of constitutionality, of effectiveness and of democratic consent to f the governed. What should be the fate of a bad a law? It should be repealed ... .'

"Bill C-68 [The Firearms Act] has proven to be a bad law and has created a bureaucratic nightmare for both gun owners and the government. As Leader of the Official Opposition, I will use all powers afforded to me as Leader and continue our party’s fight to repeal Bill C-68 and replace it with a firearms control system that is cost effective and respects the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly."2

- Stephen Harper, January 2002

2. Mr. Harper has failed to implement the Conservative Party of Canada Policy Declaration to respect "the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.”2

3. Our elected Conservative Members of Parliament now proudly endorse the Liberals' scheme of licencing of firearms owners:

"The Conservative Party has never claimed to want to repeal the Firearms Act."3

"The Government of Canada supports the current licensing scheme … ."4

"We will not be changing the requirement for individuals to hold a license."5

4. Even Mr. Harper's Government Leader in the House of Commons Peter Van Loan now proclaims:

"The licensing system was not part of the gun registry introduced by the Liberal government in 1995. It is a long-standing system that has been in place for many decades."6

Perhaps the most significantly, Garry Breitkreuz, Mr. Harper's Firearms Critic while in Opposition said:

"Bill C-68 (the Liberals' Firearms Act) gives the Government such sweeping power that they could ban … all firearms in Canada and not even the Supreme Court of Canada could overturn it.
"Why would the Liberals give themselves such awesome power if they didn’t intend to use it?"7

The question we must face:

"Why do Mr. Harper and the Conservatives keep 'such awesome power' if they do not intend to use it?"

So back to the original question:

"Why would a responsible firearms owner vote for the Conservatives?"


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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