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A Cancer of the Soul

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"The government doesn’t have the right to force Canadians ...
to buy a licence for the simple possession of a firearm."

Thirty years of ineffective Liberal firearms legislation have proved that law-abiding gun owners aren’t responsible for violent crime. They never have been.

As Caillin Langmann argued, there was no benefit from firearms legislation and firearm homicide from 1974 to 2008.i Gary Mauser showed: “There is no convincing empirical research supporting the proposition that restricting general civilian access to firearms acts to reduce homicide rates.” ii Mauser also argued that Canadians who have a firearms licence are less than one-third as likely to commit murder as other Canadians. Statistics Canada data show that licensed gun owners have a homicide rate of 0.60 per 100,000 licensed gun owners between 1997 and 2010. Over the same period, the national homicide rate averaged 1.85 per 100,000.iii

What a waste of billions of your tax dollars! It also proves the point Reform Party Members of Parliament warned everyone about in 1994 and 1995.

As with my development of a sensible, responsible firearms policy for my campaign, I will consult or mandate the responsible minister to consult with responsible gun owners in Canada before drafting legislation to be tabled or regulations to be attached to legislation.

As Leader of the federal Conservative Party and Leader of the Opposition, I will PUSH for the following. As Prime Minister, in my first mandate I will:

  1. Repeal Bill C-68, returning Canada to the effective gun control regime that existed in 1994;
  2. Convert all existing Possession and Acquisition Licences to the more effective Firearms Acquisition Certificate (FAC);
  3. Empower valid FACs to provide the holders with a comprehensive Canada-Wide Authorization to Transport;
  4. Create a Prohibited List of those persons Too Dangerous to Own Firearms requiring mandatory reporting of change of addresses for those convicted violent criminals on this list;
  5. Relax Authorization to Carry Procedures so off-duty police officers can carry firearms;
  6. Allow licensed gun owners of prohibited firearms to take them to once again federally approved firearms ranges; and
  7. Make the destruction of all seized firearms optional for municipalities and police services so seized firearms can be auctioned to holders of valid FACs and authorized firearms dealers.


Further, I believe in everyone’s fundamental right to own and enjoy property. The government doesn’t have the right to force Canadians (under threat of criminal prosecution and spending years in jail) to buy a licence for the simple possession of a firearm or 100 firearms. The government has the right to regulate the acquisition and use of firearms, but NOT simple possession. In the long term, it makes far more sense for both public and police safety (as my item ‘4,’ above indicates) to keep track of a few hundred thousand convicted violent criminals rather than two million law-abiding gun owners. Therefore, I will:

  1. Remove prohibitions on magazines and “small” handguns and “dangerous” calibre [25 and 32];
  2. Put the Cabinet back in charge of deciding any future prohibitions;
  3. Give the RCMP a time limit to screen and classify imported arms;
  4. Only support prohibitions on full-auto — by design and original manufacture — not “could be made to”; and
  5. Rescind and reject limits on the number of firearms or quantity of ammunition someone can own or purchase in any given time period.


For more information on property rights, sound suppressors, RCMP firearms classification powers and the restriction of AR15 rifles, read my interview with C. J. Summers, “Meet the Candidate: Brad Trost.” (Calibre Magazine (21 Nov ’16), January 2017).

In the up-coming vote for a new Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, I ask for your support and your vote. Make sure you are a member eligible to vote, and sign up your family members who live in the same household.

Act now. Go to   to buy or to extend your membership.


Brad Trost
Saskatoon, January25th 2017

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