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A Cancer of the Soul

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Letter to Editor, Saskatoon StarPhoenix

I read Police investigate armed robbery (SP, Feb. 22).

The police have been telling Canadians that the Firearms Act which includes licensing peaceful responsible firearms owners and registering their guns is a useful tool for them.

They feel this law helps them catch gun criminals. Their logic lies in the belief that if the police know who has guns they could use the registry of conscientious people in order to locate, as in this case, an armed and dangerous home invader.

However, the previous article states "anyone with information is asked to contact the Saskatoon Police Service."

If the police have all this information about gun owners available to them, why must they seek the public's help?

The answer is obvious. It's because the police have been targeting the wrong group of individuals since 1995.

During all these years the police have built a list of reputable, reasonable, blameless, freedom-loving Canadian firearms owners from which to choose as suspects for crimes.

If our "gun" police were used as real police, police monitored our violent criminals more closely; we spent funds for gun crime control measures instead of a useless gun registry and if the gun laws were replaced with logical evidence-based gun crime control laws, more violent offenders would be off our streets.

Wouldn't if be nice if accountable Canadians, who own guns, could once again enjoy freedom?

Joe Gingrich

Nipawin, Saskatchewan