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A Cancer of the Soul

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Saying Farewell to Dave Jordan

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Yesterday afternoon the family of Dave Jordan held an excellent Irish Wake in Dave’s honour. A nice sized group of family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and just about everyone who had any type of “experience” with Dave joined together at Amigo’s Cantina to reminisce about some of those many and varied times with this unique person.

From Dave’s childhood neighborhood friend we learned what Dave was like as an eight-year-old kid as he attacked “fortified German machine gun nests placed strategically throughout the entire neighborhood”. From Dave’s only slightly “older” Aunt, those few who did not know already know, learned that having a “discussion” with Dave quite often meant “agreeing to disagree” after several hours of verbal combat. Dave’s much younger cousin provided insight into what a GREAT!! experience it was to room with a someone who could get him “into every bar in town – no questions asked” and what it was like to live with someone you enjoyed smoking “shrubbery”. Apparently some of this nocturnal activity resulted in less than appropriate university marks for the young student.

Everyone spoke about Dave’s love for his cat, “Furball” - or “the Cat from Hell” as most recalled.

The family provided an excellent photographic slide show of Dave’s life, from early childhood, high school, his work in Alberta, the tragic car accident, his determined recovery, and subsequent adventures in Saskatoon. We were appropriately forwarded of the Triple-XXX rating to some of Dave’s humour.

What struck most notably was how much Dave, even with his severely reduced physical mobility, could offer comfort and solace to others. The tears of goodbye were heartfelt.

As several speakers noted, the Canadian Responsible Firearms Community has truly lost a great supporter of the Right of personal armed self-defense.

In fulfillment of one of Dave’s final requests, we enjoyed a light mid-afternoon snack. And with a drink provided by Dave, we toasted his life.

Edward B. Hudson
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan