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A Cancer of the Soul

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Preaching to the Choir

A subscriber to the Canadian Firearms Digest took me to task over the “In Memoriam” 1 I recently posted in honour of CUFOA member Bob Hamilton who died 08 July 2012. The writer had two complaints. First, the writer stated, “It seems somewhat inappropriate … to pay homage to the passing of a member of the old guard while venting about the apparent betrayal by the Conservatives.” I may indeed be guilty of shameless pandering for political purposes, but I seem to be in good company dating back to the “Funeral Oration of Percales” in 431 B.C.2, Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address3, and, as I mentioned previously, Canada’s John McCrae’s “In Flanders Fields”4, all of which exhort the hearers to fight on.

This brings me to the writer’s second criticism. The writer complains that I am ‘preaching to the choir’, and then proclaims, “we need not be preached to.” On this point I would most respectfully disagree – and disagree most strongly.

Since Mr. Harper passed Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act, an Act that leaves licencing – and the criminalization of the mere possession of a firearm – completely intact, this “Choir” of firearms owners has been inexplicably quiet.

The evidence of Mr. Harper and his so-called Conservative MPs’ betrayal of firearms owners is plain for all to see.5 Yet where is the outrage? Where is the unified call for Mr. Harper’s head? Firearms owners were furious when Anne McLellan proclaimed, “The Debate is Over!” Yet Mr. Harper has now crammed the Liberals’ licencing scheme down our throats. And all we do is open wider, saying “this is a good first step!”

Far too many in this “Choir” have become apologists for Mr. Harper. Some say “times have changed”, that this is “the twenty first century”. Others advocate “patience” saying,
“This pie needs to be consumed one piece at a time, lest Canadians vicariously choke over an impatient government trying to swallow it in a single gulp.”6

Turkey Feathers!!

We have been betrayed. Our loyal support for conservative principles over the past seventeen years has been “rewarded” with a direct slap in the face.

Now is the time for ACTION!

The “Choir” – the readers of the Digest – the people ‘in the sound of my voice’ – have a special obligation. We understand what Freedom looks and feels like. We MUST ensure that the Government does not succeed in their quest to impose their licencing scheme upon us.

As Pierre Lemieux reminds us, “Bold action, not gradual change, is required to recover our freedoms.”7 We must ensure that the Firearms Act (1995, c. 39), (Bill C-68) including its resultant changes to the Criminal Code is totally erased for our laws.

If we fail to have this vile law repealed we become serfs in our own country.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

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