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Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

A Cancer of the Soul

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Mr. Ed Holder, MP
200-390 Commissioners Rd West
London, Ontario N6J 1Y3

Dear Mr. Holder,

I write to you on the subject of Gun Control, which in Canada at this time masquerades for People Control, for that truly is what it is.

We all know that Bill C-68 – the Firearms Act - was foisted upon us by the Liberal Party, but our present problem as responsible gun owning citizens is that the Conservatives, you, continue to enforce all of the provisions emanating from that Bill despite your leader’s commitment to us to repeal Bill C-68 in its entirety.

Let me provide you with some background about myself. I am a retired RCAF fighter pilot, 82 years old, who flew CF-104 Starfighters continuously for eleven years. For seven of those years I was a fully qualified Tactical Nuclear Strike pilot whose sole duty was to toss an 80 Kiloton Nuclear bomb at enemy targets in the East Zone. I was good at that task and was one of four pilots selected to uphold our air force’s reputation at the annual NATO Air Weapons Meet. We won our event against the best pilots from six other nations.

Prior to this I flew F-86 Sabres, also in Germany, and I was a member of the RCAF (Europe) rifle team and competed at Bisley, UK, against the R.A.F.

I also shot with a mixed American/Canadian Skeet Team, and we were runners up in the German Open Skeet Meet in 1966.

Just to round out my credentials I competed with a local DJV German hunters’ team and hold their gold medal, one of a very few foreigners to have won it.

Now my present Government (you) informs me that without the consent and blessing of a petty official I may not keep my .22 rifle to shoot the gophers that ravage my garden. After having served my country faithfully, I must beg permission for a licence to possess my firearms to protect my family and private property from bears, wolves, and cougar of which we have plenty.

I know many honest and trustworthy gun owners who never had the opportunities that I enjoyed but they, like me, are insulted by the inadequacy and ineptness of the proposed action of the CPC. We all have learned early that a promise made is a debt unpaid!!

I expect that you will raise your voice soon in favour of a new Bill that will extinguish all of the prohibitions that stem from the Firearms Act, which was based on a falsehood in the first place.

With Respect,

Willy Floyd, O.M.M., C.D., Flight Lieutenant RCAF (retired)
Box 193 Westbridge, British Columbia V0H 2B0
(250) 446-2242