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A Cancer of the Soul

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Corneliu Chisu, MP
300 Kingston Road, Unit 4
Pickering, Ontario L1V 6Z9

Dear Mr. Chisu,

I am 64 years old. I would like to tell you a little of my childhood in Ontario in the late 50’s, early 60’s. My father owned guns all his life, as did his father and his grandfather. It was their way for meat for the table. My father’s guns hung in an open gun rack. As a young girl I probably knew more about caring, cleaning, and respecting guns than most people will ever know.

One of my father’s greatest joys was to go to our neighbor’s farm and hunt groundhogs in the pastures for which they thanked him at Christmas each year.

I always loved target shooting with a Cooey .22 rifle that my mother and I redeemed and I proudly carried out of the IGA using my Gold Bond Stamps. I invested many happy hours target practicing and winning competitions against the men. As time went by I taught my four children the same values I had been taught. Then along comes the Liberals’ Bill C-68 - “The Firearms Act”. This so-called gun control law shattered my dreams of walking through open fields and target shooting with my Grandchildren.

The Firearms Act is nothing but freedom depriving legislation that has done nothing but destroy a way of life of responsible people. But this unjust law cannot take away my memories.

But hey, this ineffective law will never stop criminals from getting a gun. Criminals don’t bother getting a licence you know. Allan Rock’s licencing scheme is just a useless waste of paper and ink.

Likewise Mr. Harper’s plan to ‘end the long-gun registry’ this fall is another useless, feckless diversion from purposeful action. In 2002 Stephen Harper promised,
      I will use all powers afforded to me as Leader and continue our Party’s fight to repeal Bill C-68.
Mr. Harper needs to get back on course.

Let us stand proud and tall with our new majority Conservative Government. Let’s do as Mr. Harper promised and repeal the entire Firearms Act, Bill C-68.

Thank you.

Earlene Jean Hart
Box 111
Burritts Rapids, Ontario K0G 1B0