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An Open Letter to Canadian Handgun Owners

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Canadian Handgun Owners, it is time for you to change the way you own firearms.

You handgun owners, more than any group of people in Canada, have done everything possible
to earn the respect of your fellow citizens and the federal government.
You have registered your handguns.
You have taken the federal firearms safety course.
You have applied for, and received, a firearms license.
You have answered personal questions about your school and business relations.
You have revealed the intimate details about your mental health.
You have asked your spouse or ‘significant other’ to assent to your ownership of firearms.
You belong to a shooting club.
You applied for, and use, an Authorization to Transport when taking your handgun to your club to shoot.
Your name and address is entered into a permanent RCMP data base.
You must notify the police when your move.

No other group of people in Canada save criminals out on parole is subject to deeper scrutiny.

But still you get no respect.
Your meek, willing, subservient compliance has gained you nothing.

This past week one of the most prominent proponents for handgun owners, CSSA/CILA Executive Director Tony Bernardo had to withdraw an invitation to Conservative Party MP Garry Breitkreuz to speak at a CSSA convention because they were planning to raffle a handgun. This totally insignificant lottery of one handgun set off a firestorm of political and news media condemnation.

Even after the CSSA graciously helped Mr. Breitkreuz save face, Mr. Breitkreuz promptly withdrew the few items of his Private Member’s Bill C-301 that would have benefitted you.

And to rub salt in your wounds, Kory Teneycke, a spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, said
"Our government obviously doesn't endorse the raffle."
(This would be the same Government that we all worked so hard in the past two elections to help get elected)

The day after Mr. Bernardo attempted to redeem some dignity for handgun owners, our Prime Minister appeared before the Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers and spoke proudly about “self-reliance”, “preserving what our ancestors left to us”, the need to “make our streets safer”, and to “defend our interests”. Mr. Harper then said that “the registration of hunters and farmers” does not make Canada safer and spoke of working to repeal “the long gun registry”. The OFHA then raffled off a hunting rifle.

Perhaps to ensure that handgun owners got the message that our Government does not respect them, Dimitri Soudas, another spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office said,

"Hunters and fisherman are people who are law abiding citizens. They register their guns and ... in large part act responsibly. A handgun is something that's obviously not used for hunting. There's a significant difference between the two."

Now why, I sincerely ask, would any self-respecting citizen continue to obey an unjust, ineffective law when doing so only generates contempt from the Government, the Opposition, and many of the news media?

Handgun owners, it is time to burn your firearms licences.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaries san permis
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Toronto Star - - Ontario - March 22, 2009
PM sticks to his guns on GTA visit
by Nick Aveling, STAFF REPORTER

First came the Prime Minister's speech. Then came the gun raffle. Prime
Minister Stephen Harper addressed the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters' annual meeting last night in Mississauga, where a prize package featuring two rifles was raffled off during dinner.

The speech came just days after Conservative MP Garry Breitkreuz was dropped from a controversial speaking engagement at a gun lobby dinner featuring a Beretta handgun as a raffle prize.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office saw little in common between the two engagements. "Hunters and fisherman are people who are law abiding citizens. They register their guns and ... in large part act responsibly. A handgun is something that's obviously not used for hunting. There's a significant difference between the two," said Dimitri Soudas.

It was a central theme in the Prime Minister's speech, which focused in large part on his opposition to the federal long gun (shotgun or rifle) registry. "Rather than going after criminals who use (handguns) to commit violent acts, they targeted the government's resources at law abiding citizens who own long guns for occupational or recreational reasons," said Harper, in reference to the previous government. "It became a bloated, bureaucratic nightmare for responsible hunters, farmers and rural Canadians ... and hasn't done a thing to reduce gun crime."

Harper encouraged audience members to contact opposition MPs and pressure them to scrap the registry.

A spokesperson for the federation, which represents 83,000 members in 655 hunting and fishing clubs, said whoever won the raffle would be required to show a firearm licence before taking the rifles home. She said the federation is supported by both Conservative and Liberal MPs.