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A Cancer of the Soul

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Col. Williams; the New Standard for Licencing

When misguided Canadians surrendered their Right to have ‘Armes for their Defense’ and applied for a federal firearms licence they thought that their firearms would be safe from government seizure and confiscation.

Well unfortunately for everyone in Canada who has a firearms licence, when Canadian Forces Colonel Russell Williams pled guilty to murdering two women he blew those blind suppositions to pieces.

While Mr. Harper and his so-called Conservative government talk long and loud about continuing their campaign of “scraping the long gun registry”,(1) Mr. Harper has also been steadfast in his endorsement of “enhanced licencing”. (2), (3)

Now that Col. Williams has shown that even a “high raking, motivated, exceptional officer” is capable of committing heinous crimes, that “enhanced licence” bar will have to be raised as a forensic psychiatrist has noted:

it's not unusual for sexual deviants to also be outwardly charming and normal-appearing. (4)

To prevent someone like Col. Williams – the former commanding officer of Canadian Forces Base Trenton - from obtaining a firearms licence the Government will need to add a new questions that will pry even deeper into Canadians’ personal lives.

If you have ever looked at an issue of Playboy or Victoria’s Secret, how do you expect to pass the “enhanced” test that will obviously have to be designed to weed-out such covert, sadistic killers as Col. Williams?


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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1. Immediately after the vote, a determined-looking Mr. Harper paused on the steps to his third-floor Commons office to vow the Tories would not stop until the registry is dead.

2. It is the recommendation of this Committee to enhance the existing firearms licensing system ... The system will feature a more robust screening process by permitting more direct police involvement in the initial vetting of applicants.

- Canadian Firearms Advisory Committee, 24 October 2006

3. Gun control measures in Canada continue to include the requirement for gun owners to undergo a background check, pass a firearms safety training course, and hold a valid firearms licence before being able to acquire and possess firearms and to acquire ammunition.
These requirements, in addition to enhanced screening measures announced in Budget 2007, will help to maintain public safety for all Canadians.

Tackling Crime, Government of Canada

4. Dr. Julian Gojer, a forensic psychiatrist with Toronto Western Hospital …
says most people suffering from sexual deviancies … can become very adept at hiding their thoughts and living normal lives.