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A Cancer of the Soul

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Further to the “Voting Green” Discussion

My argument that voting Green was preferable to voting Conservative was based on the premise that Mr. Harper and his cohort of elected Conservative MPs have betrayed our trust(1); that Mr. Harper and crew have endorsed the Liberals’ 1995 firearms licencing scheme,(2) a scheme that makes the mere possession of a firearm illegal and punishable by severe Criminal Code sanctions.(3)

I note that no one has taken issue with that premise; that Mr. Harper has lied to us; that Mr. Harper’s actions authorizes the Government to seize, confiscate, have ordered forfeited, and to destroy our responsible owned firearms without arrest, criminal charge, trial, or conviction.(4) Unfortunately those are the cold, hard facts.

Under these circumstances how could any responsible firearms owner vote Conservative?
Why demonstrate with your vote that you accept what is unjust?

But I have no desire to have anyone vote Green. My objective in calling your attention to Mr. Floyd’s admonition to vote Green was to demonstrate that Mr. Harper and the Conservatives are no more our “friends” than any of the other parties.(4) Continuing to vote Conservative – voting for a Conservative Party Leader who lies to us, who refuses to follow Conservative Party Policy,(5) - is pathologically illogical.

I note that several responders suggest joining, voting for, or forming other parties.

To use the cliché, ‘We have been there, done that’. Preston Manning failed in the last best attempt at rearranging the current system.

I submit that the Canadian election system is irreparably damaged.

Mere voting will not correct what is wrong now with Canada.

I suggest that if we are to resist the unjust firearms law foisted upon us by Jean Chrétien’s Liberals and now endorsed by Stephen Harper and his Conservatives we are going to have to employ a different strategy than voting.

We are going to have to demonstrate publically that we will not surrender our most vital, basic Right.

We are going to have to use peaceful, non-violent civil non-compliance.(6)


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS
19 May 2013

Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis
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