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A Cancer of the Soul

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Remembering Dave Jordan
14 March 1954 – 15 June 2013

Dave Jordan was one of those persons who could truly be described as “unique”. I first met Dave in 1987 when, as part of my veterinary housecall practice, Dave invited me into his home to vaccinate his cat “Furball”. As a small animal veterinarian, I had experienced some “strange” encounters with both animals and clients, but I was not prepared for this visit.

“Furball” was one those cats who truly hated veterinarians, not because we hurt them in administering their annual vaccinations, but because this cat just simply hated to be handled, and certainly seriously objected to being confined long enough to be quickly jabbed with a couple of needles. Dave was more prepared than I was. Dave, being a cervical spinal cord damaged “low quad” as a result of an automobile accident while working in the oilfields, had only limited strength in his hands. Therefore Dave had invited his health care nurse to assist me in vaccinating “Furball”. What followed was more like large animal practice than small animal. We first corralled “Furball” into a small office, Dave’s nurse threw a big heavy towel over the cat, and while Dave encouraged us from his wheelchair on the sidelines, I, matador style, drove two vaccine syringes somewhere into the back of his snarling cat.

Nothing too unusual in that approach to dealing with ornery cats. The “strange” began when we discussed paying for the vaccinations. When I mentioned the cost, Dave reached for his wallet exposing a Model 1911 semi-automatic Colt pistol in a shoulder holster. When I innocently asked if the pistol was loaded, Dave replied, “Of course, rough neighborhood”, pulled it out, removed the magazine, ejected a round from the chamber, and asked, “Feel better?” Therein began a twenty-five year friendship that I will always remember.

When I mentioned that I had once carried a similar Colt in the US Army, Dave then invited me to view his substantial collection of military rifles. After a cup of tea – and three hours later – Dave paid me with a case of 30-06 rifle ammunition to cover the vaccinations for “Furball” for the next five years.

Dave was one of those people who very early understood what the federal Government intends to accomplish with Bill C-68, the Firearms Act and its attendant changes to the Criminal Code that make the mere possession of a firearms illegal. For two years Dave served as a director for LUFA, and was instrumental in helping form CUFOA. In the battle to preserve our Right to have ‘Armes for their Defense’ Dave, with his vast array of computer equipment, really found his niche as Moderator for the Canadian Firearms Digest. As Moderator Dave served faithfully and well for many years, only taking short breaks for health reasons when he had to be hospitalized for “routine maintenance” as he called it.

I, and the responsible Canadian firearms community, will sorely miss Dave. If Dave has ashes to be scattered, I will lovingly load some 12-gauge shells in his honour.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

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