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A Cancer of the Soul

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August 17, 2011

The Honourable Lynne Yelich, PC, MP,
2325 Preston Avenue, Unit 71 Market Mall
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7J 2G2

Dear Ms. Yelich,

We all have the right to self-protection. But in 1995 the Liberal government passed the Firearms Act. Under the licencing mandate of this Act the Government has usurped my right to protect myself.

Five years ago, I was hunting for white tail deer. I was approached by a game control officer who confiscated my gun as I had already tagged my deer and was helping my wife and son to get theirs. The charge was carrying a rifle after tagging my game. For that provincial hunting offence I had to pay a very heavy financial fine.

But what is completely unjust is that even though I was carrying my rifle for my defence in the bush, because of the federal licencing requirement I was not able to get my gun back because I did not have a PAL or POL.

I purchased my hunting rifle used in 1962 when I was a kid. I had to work hard and save to purchase that rifle. I treated the animals that I hunted with respect and I really enjoy the taste of the meat. But there was no interest in presentation of fact; there was no interest in honest debate, and no interest in compromise.

The media states that this unjust law is used by police. That is crap. The police are trained to treat every situation as potentially dangerous. I wonder why it is that only police and criminals are allowed to carry guns?

Simply ‘ending the registry’ will do nothing to help me get my rifle back. We need to end licencing. My wife and I have been voting Conservative to see the repeal of the Firearms Act – all of it!

Yours truly,

Tony Poncelet
Box 37
Meacham, Saskatchewan S0K 2V0
(306) 376-2066