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A Cancer of the Soul

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Bill C-19 Delayed
Time for Sober Second Thought

Bill C-19, the bill to abolish the long-gun registry … has been left on the shelf as the House of Commons prepares to break for Christmas.1
- CBC News, 14 December 2011

While this holiday delay in the Conservatives’ plan to pass Bill C-19 might be stressful to some gun owners, I suggest this is an excellent time for some ‘sober second thought’ about the implications of this Bill.

First, one should note what Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act, actually does.

As the CBC headline notes, Bill C-19 will “abolish the long-gun registry”.

And as Public Safety Minister Vic Toews has loudly proclaimed with much fanfare and hyperbole, destroying the records in the long-gun registry “was implicit in this government's longstanding promise to abolish the registry.”2

But more importantly for our children and grandchildren is what Bill C-19 does NOT do:

  • Bill C-19 does nothing to fulfill the Conservative Party Platform to respect “the Rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly.”
  • Bill C-19 does nothing to correct the worst part of Jean Chrétien’s 1995 Firearms Act.
  • Bill C-19 does nothing to repeal the licensing mandate of the Firearms Act.
  • Bill C-19 does nothing to change the law that makes the mere possession of a firearm illegal.
  • Bill C-19 does nothing to keep the police from confiscating our personal property without criminal charge, trial, or conviction.
  • Bill C-19 does nothing to prevent the police from entering our homes to “inspect” a licence to possess our personal property.

As Jerrold Lundgard, President of the Responsible Firearms Owners of Alberta (RFOA) consistently reminds us:

Bill C-19’s removal of gun registration from section 91 of the Criminal Code is a political Trojan Horse.

Bill C-19 is a diversion from the fact that (the Liberals’) Bill C-68 (The Firearms Act, 1995) amended section 91 of Canadian Criminal Code to read:

Unauthorized possession of firearm

91. (1) ... every person commits an offence who possesses a firearm without being the holder of

(a) a licence under which the person may possess it … .

Notably, under section 117 of the Firearms Act the federal Minister can revoke every firearms license in Canada.

Removal of the requirement to have a registration certificate from section 91 is a diversion.

So long as section 91 stands with the licensing portion un-amended a future ban on guns is only an Order in Council away.

Simply deleting the long-gun registry will not correct any of these evils.3

Please give these points some serious thought.

And while you reflect, I suggest you consider:

Ms. Shelly Glover, Conservative Member of Parliament for Saint Boniface, comments about future action:

The Conservative Party has never claimed to want to repeal the Firearms Act.4

Did you diligently work for sixteen years to elect a majority Conservative Government to accept meekly nothing more than ‘a good first step’?

I also suggest you read Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson’s recent proclamation about his endorsement of the Liberals’ licencing mandate:

The Government of Canada supports the current licensing scheme … .5

Did you invest your time, money, and effort for sixteen years to elect a majority Conservative Government only now to consent silently to a sell-out?

This is not the time to be silent.

Send your Member of Parliament or your Conservative Senator a Christmas message:

Tell Mr. Harper and the Conservatives that they must
decriminalize the ownership of firearms.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS
16 December 2011


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