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A Cancer of the Soul

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Wrong target

DECEMBER 15, 2011
Re: Tories should rethink registry (SP, Dec. 2). Susan Riley should do her homework before she writes a column.

The Conservative policy on firearms has existed since 2005. It's clearly written and has never been a secret to anyone including Riley. Yet she laments that she "didn't know the extent of his (Harper's) ambition," as if this were a mystery.

One section of the Tories' firearms policy clearly states: "A Conservative government will repeal Canada's costly gun registry legislation." The existing records are part of that useless Liberal Firearms Act and must also be destroyed.

Riley then asks why "any law-abiding gun owner would object to having his or her name on an inert list?" Why does she so distrust innocent Canadi-ans that she wants police to monitor, search, observe and pester them by having their names on government lists for such purposes?

To reduce crime, wouldn't police logically want to spend precious resources tracking criminals instead? Remember, in Canada, people have a charter right protection to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Riley's column is short on accuracy but long on invective overtones toward Canada's firearms community. It should have never been published.

Joe Gingrich, Nipawin