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A Cancer of the Soul

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Spent Political Capital / "It is good First Step."

"Despite having campaigned in three federal elections to repeal all of C-68 if given a majority, the Harper Tories wimped out and only axed the registry.
"Ottawa needs to repeal the rest of C-68 and prove its faith in legit gun owners."
      - Lorne Gunter, 09 March 2014

On 11-Mar-14, Al Muir wrote:

"It is disappointing to read the reminders in this article. ...
"It was gun owners that squandered their resources ... ."

            "It is good First Step."

I understand and empathize completely with Al Muir's disappointment. Mr. Harper and the Conservatives misused and abused their entire twenty-year stock of political ammunition when they betrayed us and scrapped only the "long-gun registry". And, sadly, Mr. Muir is correct when he says that many responsible firearms owners applauded Mr. Harper's action calling it "a Good First Step."

I must confess that at one time I too used the term "a good first step" when the Conservatives first gave indication that they would "end the 'long gun' registry". Fortunately, I had a very clear-minded, strong-willed mentor in Kevin Stains, former President of the RFOCBC who figuratively (and almost literally) ripped me a new anal orifice for "being so naive!" as to trust the Government to do more later.

We now know only too well that Mr. Harper has endorsed the Liberals' 1995 Firearms Act as his own.

But we cannot take the time to despair over our previous mistakes. Two quotations from Winston Churchill, a man who knew both failure and defeat, are applicable to our situation:

            “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

            "Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm."

And fortunately the National Firearms Association has their act together and has prepared a postcard for responsible firearms owners to send to Mr. Harper demanding the "Repeal the C-17/C-68 Firearms Act now as promised."

Remember, "it is the courage to continue that counts.”



            ***NFA Post Card***

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, MP, Prime Minister
House of Commons
Parliament Buildings
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6.

Dear Prime Minister Harper,

I am writing, as a law-abiding firearms owner to express my outrage over the RCMP’s continued assault upon responsible firearms ownership in Canada. For too long the RCMP has been allowed free rein to unilaterally reclassify and ban whatever firearm they desire, —apparently approved by the minister responsible.

Canada’s law-abiding firearms community is no longer willing to stand idly by while the RCMP prosecutes its unfair “ban and confiscate” agenda against our legally acquired firearms. Yet, the RCMP’s recent Swiss Arms & CZ-858 prohibitions is symptomatic of a much larger problem: The C-17/C-68 Firearms Act... Your Firearms Act, Mr. Prime Minister!

As both a responsible firearms owner and voter, I am no longer willing to accept political half-measures and band-aid solutions aimed at temporarily “fixing” the “gun problem” in Canada. The problem is and always has been the Firearms Act.

I agree with Canada’s National Firearms Association. The current Firearms Act is irreparably broken, as is our system of firearms classification. Firearms ownership has no place in criminal law and gun owners should not have to worry about being made a paper criminal by bureaucratic fiat or whim. Therefore a new Act is necessary; one that replaces subjective criteria and opinion with objective tests of safety, knowledge and proficiency and ends the arbitrary reclassification of firearms.

Lack of significant immediate action on this file will cause many gun owners to question your Government’s commitment to substantive firearms law reform. This is a danger that cannot be ignored. Growing anger and frustration within Canada’s firearms community may very well move gun owners to deliberately withhold support for Conservative candidates in the next federal election just as we did with Kim Campbell. However, history need not repeat itself if we learn from the past. Repeal the C-17/C-68 Firearms Act now as promised – the innocent possession and storage of firearms should not be a crime.

(Sign and print name below)