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A Cancer of the Soul

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CUFOA Newsletter February 2017

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Become directly involved in the Conservative Party's Leadership Election

Most of the five to seven million members of the huge firearms community (1) who consist primarily of rural and western Canadians consider the Conservative Party of Canada’s Constitution, party principles, and policies to be pro-gun rights-oriented.(2) While we have heard bold promises from our Conservative political leaders over the years, their delivery has been very poor. The Conservative Party of Canada’s critic for the issue of firearms, M.P. Garry Breitkreuz wrote in an open letter to Prime Minister Martin on January 2, 2004:

"The whole Firearms Act has to go not just the gun registry."(3)

And note well, a signed letter from the Honourable Stephen J. Harper, Leader of The Conservative Party of Canada, September 9, 2004:

"The Conservative Party of Canada remains firmly committed to repealing the current Firearms Act, ... and replacing it with a system of firearms control that is cost effective and respects the rights of Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly."(4)

And most importantly, Mr. Harper's words to respect "the rights of law-abiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly" were included verbatim in policy by the CPC Montréal Convention, March 19, 2005. (2, 5)

Before forming government on that cold January night in 2006, the Conservative Party of Canada and its Leader were seemingly well focused upon repealing the Liberals’ hated Bill C-68, the Firearms Act, now officially called ‘the Statutes of Canada 1995 Chapter 39.’

The Conservative government never kept these promises they made to us. Unfortunately their former Party Leader Stephen Harper was, and is, at heart a gun-grabber.(6)

Note well: Licensing is ‘a cancer of the soul.’(7)

The CPC firearms policy does not contain a licensing requirement for gun ownership. In fact, the CPC has never included an owner licensing requirement or even the word "license" within its firearms policy.(2, 5) Yet contrary to Policy, many CPC leadership contestants support owner licensing. The Liberals cleverly compounded and the Harper Cons promoted a firearms safety training program (a good idea), a screening or background check (a controversial idea)(8) and a firearms license (a pure toxin) into a ‘poison pill’ called a Possession and Acquisition License (PAL). When their licensing scheme is properly administered, gun owners are not supposed to notice the deadly effects. If we are uninformed, we can be fooled into believing that their licensing device is harmless. We need to heed Professor Gary Mauser's admonition:

"Licencing will eventually kill the proud Canadian tradition of owning firearms."(9)

When we peruse the CPC’s firearms policy we find another major problem: mandatory minimum sentences.(2, 5) The Supreme Court, in R. v. Nur ruled that mandatory minimum sentences are ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and a violation of the Constitution Act 1982.’(10) Since between 15% to 21% of the Canadian population are gun owners,(1) one would think the CPC must amend this ‘cruel’ section of their firearms policy to keep support.

We also face a serious problem in the CPC Constitution.

At present the CPC membership has no way of controlling a rogue Leader. While Section 10.2 of the CPC Constitution states, "The Leader shall promote the Party, its principles and policies," the Party’s members have no effective way to compel their Leader to comply with the Constitution, principles or policies.

The Solution:

The CPC is now seeking a new Party Leader. The leadership election will be held on May 27, 2017.

This election gives us an excellent opportunity to effect positive political change.

As well as choosing a pro-gun rights Leader, some CPC constitutional changes must be made.

When you are in discussions with CPC Leadership contenders, ask them these four questions:

  1. Will you repeal Bill C-68, the whole Firearms Act, officially called ‘the Statutes of Canada 1995 Chapter 39?’
  2. Will you support an amendment to the CPC constitution that will make the Party Leader accountable to the membership?
  3. Will you support an amendment to the CPC firearms policy that removes ‘mandatory minimum sentences’ which has been ruled to be cruel and unusual punishment by the Supreme Court?
  4. Do you support a firearms owner licensing system even though it is not CPC policy? If so, why?

Then do your background checks or screenings and see if the candidate’s history is pro-gun rights oriented.

In Conclusion:

It makes no sense to work, support, fund, and vote for candidates who immediately, after being elected by us, take their orders from others and fail to represent us.

"I pay less attention to what men say. I just watch what they do."
- Andrew Carnegie

Sincerely yours,
Joe Gingrich, CUFOA Saskatchewan Director

To vote for the Party leader you must be a member of the Conservative Party by 28 March 2017. (11)

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