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A Cancer of the Soul

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Selling our Birthright for a Mess of Pottage

I was disgusted last night as I watched Parliament on CPAC. Time and time again our “Conservative” Members of Parliament rose to vote to ensure that Mr. Harper’s Bill C-19, An Act to amend the Criminal Code and the Firearms Act will soon become law. While our so-called defenders of conservative values proudly rose on cue to ensure “The End of the long gun registry”, they wantonly squandered all their moral authority that should have been directed against licencing.

Bill C-19 will indeed end the long gun registry. And it may even perhaps destroy all the long gun records. But licencing, the apple of former Liberal Justice Minister Allan Rock’s eye – licencing so strongly defended by former Liberal Justice Minister Anne McLellan – the Brass Lady who proclaimed “The Debate is Over!” – licencing will remain firmly part of the Firearms Act and the mere ownership of firearms – all firearms – will still be securely criminalized by the Criminal Code.

While Mr. Harper is off visiting China on a ‘trade mission’ to one of the most oppressive governments in the world, rather than vote the will of their firearms-owning constituents our Conservative Members of Parliament voted as directed by Mr. Harper’s Party “whip” – what an insulting but ever so appropriate term!

I could not help but thinking of the biblical story of Esau selling his birthright for a ‘mess of pottage’, for that is what Bill C-19 actually represents; nothing but a mess of pottage.1 For after the passage of Bill C-19 responsible firearms owners will still be required to roll meekly over like a defeated cur dog & spinelessly submit to a licencing regime from the Government to possess the means to resist a Government that neither respects nor trusts us.

Like Esau, many gun owners have become “famished” from the long, protracted fight to protect our Canadian birthright to have “Armes for their Defense”. And wearily some cheer the passage of anything that seems to represent “progress”. Unfortunately, like Esau these beguiled gun owners will soon realize the price paid. For what ‘ammunition’ will our MPs have to fight for the repeal of licencing? What cannons can our backbench MPs bring to bear upon a Prime Minister who has told the nation that he endorses licencing?

I personally will not cheer the passage of Bill C-19. I will mourn for lost opportunities as I prepare for the continuing battles ahead.

Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS
Wednesday, 08 February 2012
(1) Genesis 25: 27 – 34

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