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The High River RCMP Firearms Seizures: Barking Up the Wrong Tree

The prime minister's office in a what-the-hell-were-you-thinking comment tells the Mounties they should ‘focus on more important tasks such as protecting lives and private property.’"(1)

Responsible Canadians face a very serious situation in High River, Alberta, where the RCMP, under the pretext of “public safely” seized firearms from flooded homes. Our condemnation of this totally unwarranted RCMP action is well justified.

However, in our desire to ensure that the RCMP never repeats this outrageous behaviour, we face a situation that is analogous to a foxhound chasing a fox. That is, we need to ensure that we do not get distracted.

When a hunter is training a tracking hound, the trainer is careful to ensure that the dog learns to recognize the scent of the desired quarry and to ignore the scent of all other animals, no matter how enticing. This is much like the “sniffer dogs” in airports who are taught to ignore chocolate chip cookies and seek out marijuana and cocaine.

In our desire to rebuke the RCMP for taking firearms from the flooded homes in High River, we face the same problem that pursuing beagles faces when the faint, diluted scent of the fox is crossed by the fresh, hot track of a rabbit. Does the beagle stay on the old, cold scent of the fox or chase after the more appealing trail of the rabbit?

The RCMP deserve our full denunciation for their heavy-handed, unjustified actions. But under Mr. Harper’s present Conservative Government we only waste words and effort in an attempt to “improve” the action of the RCMP. We need to remember what this battle is about; this battle is to preserve our Right to armed self-protection. No matter how egregious their action, the RCMP is not our “quarry”. We need to heed the words of Lorne Gunter:

“The need to enforce the Liberals' 1995 Firearms Act has made the Mounties suspicious of nearly every law-abiding Canadian who owns a gun. … There is no underestimating the extent to which Bill C-68 has driven a wedge between police and the citizenry.”

Mr. Gunter squarely hits the mark when he says:

“Even though the (long gun) registry is history, the bill's licensing and onerous safe-storage provisions remain in place.” (2)

Our quarry is not some misguided “rabbit” of an RCMP constable or senior officer in Alberta or Ottawa. Our quarry – our “fox” - is Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Remember – and remember well – it is Stephen Harper who now endorses the Liberals’ 1995 Firearms Act. It is Mr. Harper who now supports the attendant changes to the Criminal Code that make the mere possession of a firearm illegal. Remember it is Stephen Harper who has lied to us and who refuses to honour his promise to repeal all of the Firearms Act.(3) It is Mr. Harper who rejects the Conservative Party Policy to respect the Right “of responsible Canadians to own firearms.” (4) And it is Stephen Harper’s ministers who now negate everything Garry Breitkreuz ever said and swear that the Conservatives “never promised to repeal licencing.”(5,6)

The RCMP indeed need to change their ways. But like well-trained fox hounds and steadfast beagles, we need to keep our noses to the ground in pursuit of our goal – the repeal of the entire Firearms Act.

We need to hold Mr. Harper accountable for his lack of action.


Edward B. Hudson DVM, MS

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