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A Cancer of the Soul

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Date: 07 April 2011

Title: Phony Registry Debate

Author: Al Muir

Matt Gurnery's gun registry article reads more like a campaign piece for the
Conservative Party than an objective contribution to the debate on Canada's
firearms laws.

He has not even taken the time to look at the cost allocations of the two
part Firearms Act. The majority of the over 1 billion dollars spent to date
rests on the doorstep of the new PAL/POL licensing the Liberals legislated
and the Conservatives are bent on retaining, not the registration.

As the Conservatives, like the Liberals ,continue to hide the true
compliance figures with that licensing as opposed to the former similar
background checks contained in the Firearms Acquisition Certificate(FAC),
Gurnery is likewise in error about gun owner support of the program. Not
counting the 1-2 million Canadians that did not obtain a license for one
reason or another, a significant portion of those that did obtain a
POL let theirs lapse.

The FAC system commanded widespread respect from gun owners without
resulting in criminalization for mere possession. That paper criminalization
for licensing and registration infractions is the real issue at hand not the
phoney debate on the registry.

Al Muir
Stellarton, Nova Scotia