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A Cancer of the Soul

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CUFOA NewsLetter June 2012

Scan of Original Document

Mr. E.B. Hudson
402 Skeena Court
Saskatoon, SK
S7K 4H2

E.L. Willson
Box 217
Fort Assiniboine, AB
T0G 1A0

Dear Ed:

Have been thinking since our phone conversation and would like to comment as follows before telling stories: First of all I object to and disagree with gun control per-see, on the other hand there should be something in place such as the old "INTERDICT" list whereby persons who had proven themselves unable to handle liquor would not be able to buy liquor. Am sure you have met and/or know people who you would not trust with a paring knife never mind a firearm. There should be a mechanism in place to deny such persons access to weapons.

That said here are the stories. I don't know when I was first taught to handle and use firearms. I was born in 1934 and in 1941 my Dad took me to Grandpa's farm laid me on the edge of a stubble barley field with a .22 Stevens Springfield Single shot rifle. He told me that Prairie chickens (Sharp tailed grouse) were in the field nearby and I was to watch and every time a head came above the stubble I was to shoot it and carefully so as not to miss and to call him when the heads stopped coming up. This I did and in the next 1/2 hour or so got 7 Sharp tails for Sunday dinner. I was a very proud 7 year old boy for being able to provide dinner.

Some other stories: Dad was a teenager in the 20's and both he and his brothers (my uncles) told me of target practicing in the basement (dirt) of their house. They all agreed that the most difficult target was to snuff a candle at 25 or so without damaging either the candle or wick. Nobody evidently thought any of these things the least bit odd or unusual as most people were doing this or similar activities.

At age of 14 (1948) a great uncle gave me a 45-70 Sharps Borchardt Military musket and myself and another boy who had a 45-70 Springfield trap door used to take them on our bicycles and ride from roughly 92 St. and 111 Ave out through the Highlands of East Edmonton out to the dirt roads around what is now 50 St. find our way down to the North Saskatchewan River and shoot across the river at targets that presented usually 5 gal oil pails. Would not of course do this now, being somewhat better aware of ricochets off water. However we did not hurt anything or cause any trouble. In the course of our travels, at least 4 or 5 miles each way, 2 young boys with slung heavy rifles above their heads and below the ankles riding the streets of Edmonton. Logically we must have passed a policeman or 2 and who knows how many people and nobody even looked twice at us never mind or even wonder about what they had seen. Quite different from the current penchant for calling out the swat team if someone is spotted carrying a BB gun home with their kids, as witnessed by an Alberta report some years ago.

Hope this finds you in good health Ed, you are doing a wonderful work that is appreciated. Am enclosing a cheque for $35.00 to help out with your costs and hope to hear from you again.


05 Apr./2014