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A Cancer of the Soul

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End intrusive bill

03 NOVEMBER 2011

I was deeply disappointed in your editorial, Put end to war over Bill C-68 (SP, Oct. 28). Initially the article accurately reviewed the history of the Liberals' 1995 Firearms Act, referred to as Bill C-68, and accurately indicated how utterly divisive this unjust law has been.

But when the editorial referred to Stephen Harper's "cold-blooded determination to erase all evidence of it," the writers seem to have fallen into Harper's well-devised propaganda of having people equate the long-gun registry with Bill C-68.

The Conservative government has indeed introduced legislation to repeal the registry and to destroy these records of registered shotguns and rifles. However, the registry is only a secondary part of Bill C-68, similar to the handgun registry that has been in place in Canada since 1934.

But Bill C-68 is a vast, highly invasive bill that attempts to destroy Canada's proud history of firearms ownership. The truly great evils of C-68 are the criminalization of the mere possession of a firearm and the licensing of individual firearms owners. Harper's new bill will not touch this most intrusive aspect of Bill C-68.

The war over Bill C-68 will not end until the prime minister honours the Conservative party's policy to respect "the rights of lawabiding Canadians to own and use firearms responsibly." Only when Canadians can once again possess long guns without first having to ask the permission of some government official will the war be over and the healing can begin.

Edward B. Hudson
Secretary, Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Assn.