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Sea-to-Sea Liberty Rally After Action Report
02August 2003

After Action Report:
Sea-to-Sea Liberty Rally
27June to 02August 2003

Six members of CUFOA traversed the entire length of the Canadian part of North America from sea-to-sea, from Victoria, British Columbia, to St John’s Newfoundland, during July, to protect our most sacred Liberties, the Rights guaranteed us by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Canadian Bill of Rights, the British North America Act, the English Bill of Rights of 1688, British Common Law, and the Magna Carta, by distributing legal notification to all ten provincial governments, to the federal crown prosecutors in each of the ten provinces, and directly to the federal government in Miramichi and Ottawa that we own, and will continue to own, unregistered firearms without a firearms license.

This Mobile Rally had three objectives:

1) to initiate a Charter challenge of the violation of our Rights and Freedoms to the Supreme Court by being arrested and charged under the Criminal Code of Canada and the Firearms Act,

2) to awaken the general Canadian public to the violations of these Rights by obtaining as much news media coverage as possible, and,

3) to meet and establish a liaison with as many members of the Canadian RFC as possible.


Court Challenge:

We failed in our repeated bids to be taken to court. Twelve times we publicly presented our signed, legal, notarized affidavits that we had purposefully contravened the Firearms Act, and twelve times the federal government chose to look the other way.

In Prince Edward Island, we visited Solicitor General Wayne Easter’s constituency riding in Hunter River and met personally with our Honourable Minister. While sitting directly across Mr. Easter’s desk, we asked to be arrested for our illegal actions. Mr. Easter declined our suggestion to “take us to court”.

We believe this is a direct reflection that the federal government knows full well that they have “crafted” an unconstitutional law.

News Media Coverage:

While we were not the “Media Darlings” that we were in Ottawa on New Year’s Day, we certainly got plenty of local TV, radio, and news print coverage.

And we learned some additional valuable lessons on how to conduct ourselves in the spotlight. I don’t think any honest appraisal could call us “angry old men”. We delivered a very clear message that our heritage and culture, our basic personal freedoms, our rights, our Liberty, are being destroyed.

Probably the news media “high water mark” for us was George Jonas’ National Post article on Wednesday 23July2003, “The issue isn't gun control but state control”. Mr. Jonas’ article, which was strongly encouraged by Professor Pierre Lemieux, is the definitive article about the nefarious plans of the federal government.

Personal Liaisons:

We met RFC leaders and supporters from all across Canada. We met men and women who have been fighting the Firearms Act since before it was tabled as Bill C-68, and we met neophytes like some of us who are just now learning the terrible toll that the Firearms Act is going to wreak on Canada in loss of Liberty if we do not repeal both firearms registration and licensing.

We met, shared food and beverage, and discussed ideas with people who are now true comrades-in-arms. This accomplishment alone would have been worth the monetary expense and cost in time and energy. We have friends upon whom we know we can rely.

The Time Invested:

We were on-the-road for thirty-seven days. Our butts became flat from fatigue. Our families went on summer holidays without us. And our bodies became soft as jelly from traveling over 17,000 kilometers. I am just now slowly beginning to get back into shape for duck season that opens in only eleven days.

The Financial Cost:

All bills are not yet in, but we spent around $10,000.00, the major portion covered by individual membership renewals, individual donations, plus a couple of extremely generous donations by individuals and organizations. We were also very fortunate to have had billeting and meals graciously supplied in several locations.

Worth the Effort ?? Would We Do it Again ?


I hope we do not have to return to Ottawa, but we will if necessary.

The Firearms Act in its entirety, both registration and licensing, MUST be removed from the legal statues of Canada. Working together, with your help, involvement, support, and encouragement, we will not rest until we have accomplished that goal.

Thank your from Jim Turnbull, Jack Wilson, Joe Gingrich, Bruce Montague, Al Muir, and myself.


Edward B. Hudson DVM,MS

Join us in Edmonton next week, Wednesday to Saturday, 27 - 30 August to greet the Canadian Police Association as they have their AGM at the Fairmont Hotel.

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