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A Cancer of the Soul

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Letter to National Post
Decriminalize the Ownership of Firearms

In his article in the National Post, Roy Green has done a commendable job in outlining the obscene lengths gun owners must go to every five years just to retain their legally acquired firearms. But Mr. Green has just scratched the surface of the unjust POL/PAL firearms licensing requirement.

While some applaud Mr. Harper and the Conservatives action to end the ‘long-gun registry’, it is extremely important to note that it is the licensing component of the Firearms Act that makes criminals out of hunters and farmers. The Conservatives' Bill C-19 leaves that criminalization firmly entrenched in sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code. When a license expires that is when the real threats begin; or when you change your address and do not notify the police, you face the threat of imprisonment for 2 years. Under Bill C-19 the only thing that changes is that now it is the Conservatives, not the Liberals, who are responsible for these threats.

What is so offensive about the Firearms Act is that those who owned firearms for decades suddenly became criminals if they did not submit and ask the government for permission to retain that property. If the Conservatives do not correct this injustice and decriminalize the mere possession of firearms by removing Sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code and eliminating the licensing component of the Firearms Act, responsible hunters and farmers will remain criminals.

Until such time as they correct this injustice, Mr. Harper and the Conservatives deserve no applause.

Al Muir
Stellarton, Nova Scotia
01 December 2011

Take the politics out of gun ownership
by Roy Green
November 30, 2011,