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A Cancer of the Soul

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Fifth Columnist Movement attempting to sell acceptance of C-68

Of late I have read some contributions to the (Canadian Firearms) Digest that have all the indications of that of a "fifth columnist movement" attempting to sell acceptance of C-68.

I would caution all who read the Digest to question the possible motives of any posting that in any way promotes carte blanche acceptance of C-68’s registration & licensing.

When you read a posting that tells you to run out and do anything, be it registration, licensing, or non compliance read all that the poster has to say, if they have made submissions before read them also. More than look at what they saying, look at the context of the articles, attempt to see if there is a pattern, look at the direction they are attempting to move you. If at any time you feel the hair on the back of your neck raise or the little voice in side of you screaming "that's not right, are they nuts, I don't believe that", don't allow any further argument on the part of the other party to change your mind or opinion.

The times in my life when I have had my greatest problems or failures is when I have chosen to ignore the little voice and have let some other argument or logic over ride my first instincts.

"Buyer Beware"..... " The cautious seldom err." - Confucius

Murray Grismer

Date: 01 April 1998
From: Murray Grismer
Subject: " Quo Vadis " Buyer Beware