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Ethnic Cleansing of Duck Hunters Continues in Saskatchewan

For a second time a Saskatchewan duck hunter has had his shotgun confiscated and ordered by the RCMP to appear in court to face Criminal Code violations,

Sec 91(1) “Unauthorized possession of a firearm”.

On Wednesday, Jack Wilson of Saskatoon was hunting ducks beside Highway #14 near Wilkie, Saskatchewan, when two RCMP vehicles with emergency lights flashing approached his hunting blind. Two constables confiscated Mr Wilson’s shotgun and detained him for about twenty minutes. Constable Flaman ordered Mr Wilson to sit in the rear seat of his police cruiser while he wrote out the Form 9 Appearance Notice. Another constable searched the duck blind, vehicle, and hunting trailer for “other weapons”. Along with Mr Wilson’s shotgun, she seized approximately 40 to 50 rounds of shotgun ammunition and a gun case with lock.

Mr Wilson’s hunting partner was prohibited from taking photographs “during the investigation”, but was allowed to photograph the police vehicles before the officers departed.

Constable Flaman also served Mr Wilson notice that he will seek a prohibition order under Sec 111 C.C. to prevent Mr Wilson from possessing firearms.

When asked about his rather odd choice of a hunting location in a barren summer fallow field, Mr Wilson replied, “Obviously hunting right beside a major highway is not the most conducive to decoying in ducks. Our objective is the complete and total repeal of the Firearms Act. We want to send a clear, concise message to the federal government: ‘We will never submit to this unjust law.’ We will continue to hunts ducks and geese without a firearms license. This is our Right as a part of our Canadian heritage and culture. If the federal government wants to stop us, they had better be prepared to put us in prison.”

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