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Press Release
Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association

On-To-Ottawa, Part Two Drayton Valley Success

The success this past weekend of the membership drive at the Drayton Valley, Alberta, Gun Show assures the feasibility of the On-To-Ottawa campaign. Over fifty responsible citizens openly declared their intention never to register their firearms and publicly signed the Plywood Post Card to be taken to Ottawa on the first of January 2003. President Jim Turnbull expressed his gratitude and admiration for all those citizens of Drayton Valley who openly pledged to support this effort to take the message directly to Parliament Hill. To the visitors at the exhibition and trade show Turnbull explained, We will nail this message on the doors of Parliament where we will openly declare will we not obey a bad law. Parliament must understand that the citizens of Canada will not tolerate this massive waste of our tax money and abuse of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our leaders have ignored all other means of dialogue. It is extremely unfortunate that we are forced to use civil disobedience to get our message across, but we have no other choice. No responsible Canadian should ever consider obeying a law which destroys our culture and negates our liberty as this one does.

The On-to-Ottawa campaign envisions completing the 1930's cross-country protest trip which ended abruptly in Regina on 01 July 1935. Turnbull explained that the idea for the resumption of the trek is necessary for the same reasons that existed back then - a government which refuses to listen to the concerns of responsible citizens. While Turnbull acknowledged that some of the imaginary of the past protest event may not be popular, the plans for the protest on Parliament Hill on New Year's Day will be completely peaceful and non-violent. We most definitely plan to get ourselves arrested in Ottawa, but we will be totally peaceful.

Canadians need to understand the proper place of civil disobedience in our democratic system. A majority vote in the House of Parliament can in no way strip me of my basic rights. I will obey any law that promotes safety. But the Firearms Act of 1995 does nothing expect pave the way for the confiscation of firearms. Turnbull concluded, It is simply bad law.