Canadian Unlicensed Firearms Owners Association
Association canadienne des propriétaires d’armes sans permis

Constitutional Challenges
& Court Cases

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Press Release
Canadian Unregistered Firearms Owners Association

The Declaration

The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: The Firearms Act of 1995 (Bill C-68)

We hereby inform you that we will not obey this unjust law.

Bill C-68 violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Bill C-68 is a colossal waste.
Bill C-68 confiscates legally owned property.
Bill C-68 is a lie. Bill C-68 does not make the citizens of Canada safer.

We will not tolerate the violation of our liberty.
We will not passively watch our tax dollars being wasted.
We will not relinquish our property.
We will not participate in a fraud.

We will obey reasonable, fair laws which promote safety and respect our Canadian heritage and culture.

Restore common sense to our laws. Abolish Bill C-68.


The Undersigned Citizens of Canada